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Yet, another contentious public meeting was held in Saugeen Shores on Monday, June 22nd as the Provincial Government presented its Renewable Energy Project Requirement.

Government officials were greeted with, what can only be described as, a hostile audience of more than 100 people, that loudly raised objections to the new Green Energy Act's Bill 150. They came from throughout Grey and Bruce Counties, Perth, Huron East and Chatham-Kent to voice their conerns over the implementation of Bill 150.

According to the province, the new process replaces existing environmental assessment and municipal planning processes, while, according to the government, continuing to ensure protection of public health and safety and the natural environment.

Under the new bill, proposed renewable energy approvals are required for varying areas of renewable energy sources.

Solar - greater than10 kilowatts
Wind - greater than 3 kilowatts [less for those with less than 102 decibel
noise power
Biogas/Biomass - all anaerobic digestion or thermal treatment facilities other than those on-farm facilities coered under the Nutrient Management Act (e.g. manure)
Hydro - greater than a two-metre head dam equal to the height of the falls

"We have major problems when it comes to wanting to do something to help the environment," said Shoshannah Benmosche of Lion's Head. "We are being micro-managed to death by the government. We can't install solar panel roofs, we can't install individual wind turbines without it costing us a fortune and being regulated beyond hope."

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23/06/2009 08:30 PM


The new proposed process will replace the existing environmental assessment and municipal planning process. Since Aboriginal consultation was also required, an invitational public meeting was held in the morning with the First Nations people inputting their feedback as to how treaty rights may be potentially impacted.

Many of those attending raised health issues, both physical and emotional, that they attributed to the high density installations of wind turbines in the region.

One of the recommendations put forward was to hold a moratorium before any more turbines were installed. According to the speaker, people have addressed concerns to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Health and, even, the Premier, with no feedback.

On the other side of the fence, Michael Day a professional engineer, said that he was generally in favour of the Act and regulations. "It`s a first step," he said. "The legislation is a step in the right direction, I think." "The statistics regarding birds and bats has been almost negligible," he added.

Many of those present expressed concerns surrounding their own health, the health of family members and also the health of animal in what is a huge agricultural community.

For those wanting to comment further:
Ministry of the Environment
phone: 1-877-354-0707

Ministry of Natural Resources
Phone: 1-800-667-1940

Evironmental Bill of Rights Registry
MOE registry: 010-6516
MNR registry: 010-6708


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