For the most part, it seems that Canadians have become particularly apathetic about almost everything.

The recent election had the lowest turn-out ever in the history of recorded voting in this country.

Closer to home, there are people in Saugeen Shores who need now, or will need in the future, some kind of transportation.  All people are being asked to do is pick up the phone and call the Town Offices or fill out a survey card.  The result?  Poor numbers.  Then, when there is no transportation system, people will again complain about the lack.

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13/01/2009 04:24 PM


Now, once again, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is also holding another series of Open Houses regarding the DGR for nuclear waste.  It's the opportunity for people to get out, ask questions and make their voices heard.  In the last go-around, again, the numbers for attendance were minimal.

It seems that we Canadians are good at complaining, good at moaning and groaning about issues, but when it comes to taking any kind of action, or comes to participating in what affects us, our families and our communities, we prefer to take the high road ... or is it the low road.  Whatever road it is, it should have a signpost that reads "No Action Avenue".