Are We Alone?





Artist's Conception of an Earth like Planet in our Galaxy

It is probable that we are not alone.  Let's look at the numbers. 

About 14 billion years ago we had a Big Bang and now it is estimated that there are 500 billion galaxies in the Universe.  (it's a guess) It seems quite possible that life and even intelligent life could exist on some planet orbiting some star in some galaxy. 

NASA thinks it's worth looking at a portion of our own galaxy to see if any likely planets are candidates for life.  The Hubble has 'seen' planets over the past few years, so Project Kepler is not a 'fools errand'. 

With all our curiosity, will we be disappointed by looking in a small area of a rather ordinary galaxy with a camera launched from an insignificant planet?

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20/02/2009 08:03 PM


It is highly probable that Kepler will get a look at some good candidates, which is exciting.

A Delta rocket will launch on or about March 5, 2009 from Cape Canaveral with a mission that will last 3 years.  To read the full details of this magnificent adventure click on Kepler

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