Are you on, behind or ahead of the wave?

If you are over 50, it could be that you are not on the leading wave of the computer revolution.  Yes, you can send email and Google, but are you like the kids?  Let's ask a few questions:

  1. Do you have a laptop as your primary computer?
  2. Is your home wireless?
  3. Do you expect to use wireless in the homes of your friends?
  4. Do you select coffee houses, motels, and restaurants based upon their high speed computer access?
  5. Is your primary source of news online?
  6. Do you know what a USB port is?
  7. Is the primary source of your music and books from online sources?
  8. Do you use an online picture repository or web site for sharing photos?
  9. Do you use a Blackberry or I-phone?
  10. Do you have to depend upon a family member, friend or outside commercial source for computer support?
  11. Do you text message or use Skype to talk to your friends.
  12. Do you like to browse the computer sections in places like Staples?
  13. Do you buy most of your electronic gear on-line?
  14. Do you have an existing Amazon account?
  15. Do you use Google Earth?

People who are now in school or industry really don't think about their computer as being separate from their identity.  They are developing a kind of 'Computer Aura' and they don't like to work with people who don't have their own aura.

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For example, it is very hard to work with people who persist in old technology.  You have to make special accommodations for them.  They want a fax instead of an email or they want a hardcopy delivered to them.  It's not very easy to deal with them on a long term project.

Well, the wave is moving and it's really getting easier to be a computer nerd, because more and more people are assuming that persona.  Send me a jpeg from your I-Phone is not an odd thing to ask of a friend.  Or ... why don't you pay attention to my Skype messages to you?  Or .... darn get a good laptop with a video camera so we can talk.

The next big  move will be complete wireless with a high speed link from your laptop or hand-held to the High Definition TVs in public buildings and homes.  A gesture will direct your laptop or hand-held image to a big HD screen.

I have not tried wireless in our Plex, maybe it exists.  Last fall the County Offices were still without what I have in my home.  Most of the county Mayors were sitting there with 'dead' laptops, bored to death as the meeting droned on endlessly.

 I asked the County IT guy why?  He said.... "Oh, you don't understand, we want a total solution and we want to do the nursing homes too"  Well, I'd like to see the County offices and the Museum done before the nursing homes.  Nothing against the nursing home residents, because they could use it too, but ....

We could install it in about 2 hours at a nursing home, but alas there is no budget for that.   The Museum might take 3 hours and about $1000