Artsy Gardener's Dome Studio


172 Victoria Street South Southampton, ON

Home & Garden

Photos by
Debra Morphet, The Artsy Gardener

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 The Dome is strong and sound

The Artsy Gardener, Debra Morphet, followed the progress of her unusual dome studio design.

Built by Sunny Cushnie and Collin MacLeod of the Great Lakes Dome Company ( www.gldc.ca  ) the dome was built in Morphet's backyard. The design is environmentally friendly, sound-proof, spacious and warm.

Cushnie lives in a dome house immediately outside Southampton, Saugeen Shores, and he and partner MacLeod are currently building a two-story dome house in Oliphant, Bruce County.

Follow the Dome process to the right.


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 Dome construction begins in Morphet's backyard

 Forms readied for cement

 Pouring a cement floor

 Smoothing the floor base

 Applying the shell


 Early stage inside

 Forming the interior

 Applying interior coating

 Opening left for double doors

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Thursday, November 26, 2009