The Saugeen Times Tours Local Gardens

Barbara Ann and Andy Bingham's Garden in Southampton

The South-Port Horticultural Society held its annual Garden Tour on the weekend with all proceeds from ticket sales going toward the beautification of various locations throughout the community.

This year's event featured eight very different venues ... four in Southampton and four in Port Elgin.  Each garden is as individual as its owner(s) with different garden styles and plant preferences and, therefore, to do justice to each, the Saugeen Times will feature each garden on its own over the next eight days.

We begin with Barbara Ann and Andy Bingham's garden in Southampton.  Located on Emerald Street, the garden is only three years old but has the appearance of a much older and more established garden.  The gardens, located in the front and back of the home, are quite different in both style and plant material.

A front yard view

In the front, foxglove and lavender add hues of blue while a path of violet coloured thyme meanders from the walkway across the lawn.  An espalier provides support for two types of crab apples along the path that leads to the back garden area.

Linear Louvered Fencing Provides Privacy

Rounding the corner and entering the back yard, one is immediately struck by the difference.  In the front garden, everything is about curves and rounded edges while, in the back, everything is linear.  Here, beds are squared and a louvered linear fence gives a very Zen feeling to the yard.

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A small vegetable garden with spiral supports that add an artistic flair along with texture and a raised deck with a dining area, invite guests to linger.  Immediately off the deck is a delightful screened room where curtains billow in the breeze and sitting out on a summer's night is an insect-free experience.  The back yard space also opens on to what is known as the Rail Trail, a recreational nature walking and cycling path.

While it is a relatively small space, both the front and back yard areas have been used to their capacity and yet the feeling is one of spaciousness.

Lavender and Thyme

Varying Shades of Pink

Barbara Ann Bingham enjoys entertaining on her deck