Beach Ruination

Editorial July 31, 2008

The Southampton beach is once again being raked despite all the supporting evidence that it is the worst possible human action that can be taken on a lakefront beach area.

What began as a raking on the main beach has now extended beyond the dunes leaving the beach in a state of ruin.

At the Coastal Conference held recently in Port Elgin, an expert in the field of beach conservation explained that the worst possible influence of man on a beach is that of raking and, in the process, destroying the fragile eco-system that exists.

Southampton was renowned and recognized for its environmental eco-system on the beach.  The beach area, with its preservation of beach grasses and dunes was lauded as a forerunner in environmental measures ... today, it is being eroded, raked, and raped and ... for what?

The Town is now trying to desparately save the Port Elgin beach while the once-praised Southampton beach is being destroyed.

We had better ask ourselves the question, why, and find the answer very quickly.

Tracks to nowhere

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