Bill Danforth celebrates 90th birthday
By Liz Dadson


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Peter Danforth (L) and his father, Bruce (R), join grandpa, Bill Danforth in celebrating his 90th birthday at RVilla Saturday afternoon

Bill Danforth is surprised and pleased to be celebrating his 90th birthday.

The farmer and long-time manager of the grain elevator at Amberley now lives at RVilla where he greeted plenty of friends, family and former neighbours during the party held in his honour Saturday afternoon.

"I nearly didn't make it," he says. "Last year I had double pneumonia and the doctor didn't think I'd even get out of the hospital."

Originally from Leamington, Danforth moved to the 2nd concession of Huron Township in 1966 where he farmed for several years before being hired as manager of Jack Byers' grain elevator at Amberley in 1973. He worked there until his retirement in 1984, getting to know many of the local farmers. The business is now owned by Parish and Heinbecker.

Danforth married Nadine in 1945, and they lived on the farm until 1973 when they moved to Point Clark.

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Donald MacTavish (R) greets his neighbour, Bill Danforth, who celebrated his 90th birthday at RVilla Saturday afternoon

They had three sons, Bruce, Scott and Douglas. Nadine passed away in January, 1986, and their son, Scott, passed away in 1993. Bruce and his wife, Hilda, live in Whitby; and Douglas and his wife, Michele, live in St. Charles, near Sudbury. Danforth has six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Among the well-wishers Saturday afternoon, was the current manager of the Amberley grain elevator, Paul Bushell, who remembers when Danforth gave him his first job.
"I was planting that little field south of the elevator," says Bushell, "and Bill came down and hired me. I worked as a general labourer; I did a lot of climbing."

"I never climbed the ladders (on the vertical augers or 'legs')," chuckles Danforth.

Donald MacTavish then greeted Danforth with a handshake and remembers him as a great neighbour.

Glad to have reached his 90th birthday, Danforth credits it to hard work and "not worrying too much about how long I'm going to live," he says, with a laugh.

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