Betty Bender's Amazing Garden

June 26, 2008

Betty Bender

Betty Bender of Southampton likes plants that are unusual but, even she, can't explain this one.

A plant of many names

"I looked it up on the internet to see what it is," she explains, "and there all kinds of names for it."  It is known as Dragon Arum, Voodoo Lily, Snake Lily, Black Arum, Black Drgaon, Dragonworth and, in Latin, its the Dracunculus vulgaris.

Giant pitcher plants where birds perch to drink from water collected

It is definitely different but, then, Bender's entire garden is different with three ponds, elephant grass, giant pitcher plants, a canopy of wisteria and black grass that shouldn't grow where it is, but it does.

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Towering giant alums

It appears that everything in the garden is either lush or gigantic or both.  "Some plants I don't even know the name of," says Bender.  "I just like them so I bring them home and plunk them in and hope they grow."  It would appear that whatever she does to them, they thrive under her green thumb.

A hidden nook beneath the arbour

As if her garden doesn't take enough of her time, Bender is also a very active volunteer in many organizations in the community, such as the Chambettes and the Southampton 150th Anniversary Celebrations in addition to many others.

Just a small corner of the front yard