Bruce County Dark Sky Region



In this, the Year of Astronomy, Bruce County is coming into its own as a world-recognized, dark-sky region.

At the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies (known in the area as the OEC), located outside Oliphant and Sauble Beach, Ontario, education includes not only environmental learning but is expanding to the Universe with a partnership with the Bruce County Astronomical Society.

The facility (OEC) is on the doorstep of the UNESCO-designed, 128 hectare Niagara Escarpment World Bioshphere Reserve of the Bruce Peninsula.

The Society is made up of "...stargazers from Bruce/Grey Counties and beyond, amateurs of all ages and simply admirers of the night sky and those who enjoy sharing their hobby with others ...".

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05/08/2009 04:07 PM

With telescopes of various sizes, the society offers the public a chance to see the universe from a bird's eye view. "We have a fantastic 12-inch diamater telescope donated by the University of Guelph," says Society Vice-President John Hlynialuk, "along with several other smaller ones."

Hlynialuk is also giving a series of lectures each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the OEC site with each including night-sky viewing. "This is a series for beginners," he explains. "We hope to encourage interest in astronomy and also preservation of the dark-sky philosophy to help eliminate light pollution. Once people really see the night sky and things like the Milky Way clearly, they appreciate what the Universe is all about."

Each lecture is $15 or $60 for the entire four-weeks. For your chance at a glimpse into the Universe,, phone 519-371-0670

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