Bud Rier Chevrolet continues to serve new and repeat customers

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It's business as usual at Bud Rier's Chevrolet in Paisley and Bud Rier's Used Cars and Trucks in Port Elgin.

Out of the more than 700 dealers across Canada, 270 received their 'pink slip' notices with 186 of those in Ontario.

Fortunately, Bud Rier's is not one of them. "There are some really big dealerships out there, that are gone," says Gary Rier. "Dealerships like Grey Motors in Owen Sound, Stockey's in Kitchener, Tim Hanson's in Listowell, Wingham, Walkerton and the list goes on."

Rier's building in Paisley is open but currently under construction. "We all recently had to undergo building upgrades and, unfortunately, some of the larger dealerships spent well over a million dollars and then were told to close their doors."


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22/05/2009 10:48 PM

Rier's contract with G.M. runs out in October, 2010. "I think things are going to turn around," says Rier, "so we're just going to ride it out. Thankfully, we have a great customer base. Our customers are loyal and almost like family. We see not only repeat customers but also their families. We try to provide the best possible service both in Port Elgin and in Paisley and our customers know that."

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