Canada's Coup!  Hawking Joins the Perimeter Institute

Stephen Hawking

The Perimeter Institute landed one of the world's all time great minds, when Stephen Hawking agreed to join PI.  Hawking has close ties with the new Director of the Institute Neil Turok.  (See picture and article next column)  Hawking accepts the Distinguished Research Chair at PI where he expects to increase the ties with the  Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University where he is Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

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13/01/2009 04:21 PM


This is another first for PI started by Blackberry and RIM founder Mike Lazaridis.


   Canada gets a Superstar and Turok is his name! 

The Bruce County Museum in cooperation with PI hosts distinguished scientists in lecture on DVD sponsored by PI.  This is a direct result of a local connection with PI via John Matlock who often summers here.  John is Director of Communications and Outreach for PI.

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