(L) Jill Beaupre of CIBC presents $1,000 to Darcy Kewageshig & Saugeen Queen, Kaylyn Kewageshig
Front (L) Little Brave Ziibi Cameron, Little Miss Saugeen Miinookmi Cameron & CIBC Manager, Ed Buckle


Southampton's CIBC banking branch may be small but it is an integral part of the community with its support of a wide range of community events.

Most recently, Branch Manager Ed Buckle and staff member, Jill Beaupre, were pleased to present a donation to the Saugeen First Nation Child and Youth Prevention Service. "We wanted this to provide a jump-start to the annual Youth Pow Wow coming up in March," said Buckle.

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18/01/2009 12:17 AM

The branch donated $2,000 in two increments of $1,000 each. "The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) donated $1,000," explained Buckle. "and the other $1,000 is in recognition of the 10th Anniversay. We are only happy that we can help out."


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