Christmas Home Tour Follow-up


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 Sharon and Jim Westernberg's 'Blue Room'

It would appear that this year's annual Christmas Home Tour, hosted by the Saugeen Shores Cham-bettes and the Tara Curling Club, was a resounding success.

The Tour that began Friday evening (6:00 to 9:00 p.m.) and continued through Saturday, saw people lined up at the doors to each home that was opened up to the tour.

Volunteers from many organizations greeted visitors, directed traffic and answered many questions pertaining to each property and, in some instances, the homeowners were in the home to answer specific construction and/or historical questions.

The event was extremely well organized with foot-traffic moving swiftly and smoothly through each location. Everyone was asked to remove footwear and was provided with a bag to carry through each home and, upon exiting, the bag was returned.

Each home was uniquely decorated by area designers, retailers and the homeowners themselves. While many on the tour simply wanted to view the interiors of some of the most prestigious homes in the area, others were taking note of the decor with the intention of taking ideas home and implementing them.

A final fund-raising tally is yet to be determined but all funds raised go directly back in to the community.

 The Hart House gardens welcomed visitors into a beautiful interior

 Each Westenberg room is colour-themed, including the "Purple" bath

The Myers' home overlooking the Saugeen River and Lake Huron, decorated by August Skies, features a large tree in the main living room and elegant black accessories in the kitchen/dining area.

June and Jack Fotherby's home on Blanchfield is spacious and comfortable with a warm fireplace featuring a decorated mantle

 The Hart's open concept home is exquisitely decorated inside and out featuring plants from Foodland in Southampton and Sobey's in Kincardine with Margie's of Walkerton putting it all together

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Saturday, November 21, 2009