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The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) – the company under contract to Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to manage the proposed Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for OPG’s low and intermediate level waste through the regulatory approvals process – is currently launching its DGR Community Partnership Program. As a result of this new initiative, which is reflective of our desire to be a part of the community where we do business, NWMO is involved with a number of community partnerships within Bruce County. Of particular interest to dog lovers, although this initiative isn’t restricted to members of the canine set, NWMO is working hand in hand with the Municipality of Kincardine to develop an off-leash park for some of man’s best friends.

The off-leash park, the first of its kind for the Municipality of Kincardine, is more than just a refuge for dogs to roam at will (within the limitations of fencing of course). The development of this green space located between the Kincardine cemetery and the soccer fields is designed to enrich the quality of community life by encouraging good environmental stewardship (you must stoop to scoop,, preferably with a biodegradable bag) while providing affordable recreation and social networking opportunities for both dogs and dog owners alike.

It’s not just about dogs,” said Jacqueline Faubert, a member of the Kincardine dog Owner’s group (KinDOG) who initiated the park. “It’s about community, building relationships around a shared interest and providing affordable recreational opportunities – some people jog every morning, I walk my dog.”

And it must be noted that when Jacqueline talks about the park’s ability to link people of similar interests, as someone who met her husband in an off-leash dog park in Vancouver, she literally has firsthand knowledge about the potential of dog parks for providing lasting relationships.

Kincardine Director of Recreation Karen Kieffer sees the off-leash park, which enjoys the support of several local businesses including NWMO, as an excellent example of how a small group of hard-working people, with some assistance from community partners such as the Municipality of Kincardine and NWMO, can achieve their vision.

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And NWMO of course is thrilled to provide assistance for such a community minded green initiative.
And while we are on the subject of partnerships and community, NWMO personnel partnered with some of their OPG co-workers to jointly staff the DGR mobile exhibit at the heavy events, held as part of the Kincardine Scottish Festival and Highland Games, on July 4. OPG, owner of the proposed DGR project, traditionally sponsors this crowd-pleasing competition, which celebrates feats of brawn bordering on the Herculean. Always a popular event, crowd size at the heavy events has steadily increased each year, and it was encouraging to hear Kincardine Scottish Festival Manager Melissa Macfarlane say that “we tripled the number of spectators taking in the heavy events, from three years ago, and we are pleased that so many people are enjoying those.”

OPG and NWMO were also pleased as punch with the attendance, and of course, we were able to touch base with many of the spectators who stopped by for a DGR chat. ki
And with the summer season upon us, NWMO is continuing with its DGR comes to you outreach activities. We were in Southampton for Canada Day (yes the rain did hold off), Kincardine on July 2 with our movie night (the rain didn’t hold off, but 65 hardy souls, umbrellas in hand, braved the elements to watch Kung Fu Panda anyway), and we also included the Keady Market, Kincardine Farmer’s Market, Inverhuron and Port Elgin Flea Market in our July schedule.

Several more events are planned for August including the Nawash Pow Wow at Cape Croker, which will be held August 14, 15 & 16.

NWMO is also proud to be a part of the Tiverton Old Boys and Girls Reunion and our mobile exhibit will be at the Tiverton fair grounds on July 31 and August 1. Please stop by for a visit and last, but definitely not least, NWMO says, Congratulations Tiverton and Welcome Home Old Boys and Girls!

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