Corrina Serda Gets Trained by Al Gore

Eleven Year Old  Corrina Serda Trained by Al Gore

Corrina Serda as the youngest Presenter

Corrina Serda and David Suzuki

Port Elgin resident, Corrina Serda, recently completed The Climate Project training program led by Nobel Laureate Al Gore to spread the message about the challenges of and solutions to the climate crisis, and at the age of 11 is the youngest ever to receive the training by him.

Corrina Consults with Al Gore

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"Corrina Serda is an outstanding example of the millions of Canadians who have been energized by the call to action on the climate crisis," said Gore. "We are so pleased that she has made a serious commitment to this challenge by participating in The Climate Project -- Canada's training session in Montreal."

As one of 275 Canadians trainees, Corrina will be spending the next year making presentations around Ontario, discussing how individuals in their homes, businesses and communities can take the actions necessary to reduce their environmental impact and urge others to action. Her mother, Victoria Serda, was one of the original 21 Canadians trained by Gore, and Corrina delivered over 80 solutions presentations at the end of her mother's climate change presentation to over 19,000 people in the last year, from Port Hope to Blind River, London to Midland, Bradford to Goderich.

Corrina was part of a select group of individuals chosen to receive this important training April 4-6 in Montreal. Each presenter took part in an intensive session about issues surrounding climate change, led by Gore and Dr. Andrew Weaver, who was the scientific advisor. In addition, each presenter received technical training to become experienced communicators of a version of Gore's slideshow, which became the basis of his best-selling book and Academy Award-winning documentary film, "An Inconvenient Truth."

The inaugural training session of The Climate Project was held in Nashville, Tennessee, in September, 2006. Since then, 2250 people from all spectrums of their societies have attended 13 training sessions in 6 countries on four continents.

Corrina Serda is available to do media interviews and to present about climate change to groups around Ontario. To request a presentation go to or call Victoria Serda at 519.389.5779