Creating an Oasis

13/01/2009 04:25 PM

Imagine finding yourself in a farmer's field after a heavy rain, surrounded with mud and you have to create a garden oasis.  That's exactly where Brandon Vanderwel found himself recently at the International Ploughing Match in Teeswater.

He and his staff of ten, from Shoreline Stone in Saugeen Shores, set about turning a small patch of field into a lush garden setting in only three days.

A massive stone entryway lead visitors through to a flagstone patio and walkway where they could sit and relax quietly beside a tranquil fountain or meander through the garden space.  The fountain, a stone waterfall and garden beds filled with colour and trees created an intimate screening affect that blocked out the surroundings both visually and audibly.

The masteful illusion of a lush oasis generally brought gasps from people as they entered, proving that Brandon and crew had accomplished what they had set out to do ... showing that with, not only talent and skill but a great deal of imagination ... any location can be transformed.

Even the young were amazed

(L) Brandon Vanderwel and part of his hardworking crew

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Stone Entryway

Flagstone patio features fountain and waterfall

A lush oasis in the middle of a field