Dead Head Now



Submitted by the Man in the Tilley Hat


Dead heading of some Spring flowers is important, now!

Tulips, in particular, because when they start to drop heir petals, they can fall on the foliage and, if conditions are damp and humid, TULIP FIRE (Botrytis) can start and this will ruin foliage and infect bulbs.

One also needs to keep foliage growing well, at least until the end of June. This will increase bulb size, nourish them, and help them to get ready for producing next year's flowers. Plant some geraniums or other flowers around and they will not look so "ugly" as they die back.

Tulips can also be lifted and then sorted to plant out the bigger bulbs. Smaller ones can be planted elsewhere to keep growing for another year. They should flower the year after.

Daffodils can also be divided after foliage has died down, DO NOT cut off foliage after flowering, or tie in knots.

Any flowers can be dead-headed after blooms have finished.


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20/05/2009 10:27 PM

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