Debbie and Kevin White's Gardens

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Debbie & Kevin White


Continuing with the series on the gardens recently explored during the Horticultural Society's recent Garden Tour, Debbie and Kevin White's garden gives new meaning to the term mature.

Many of the plantings, including the peonies, bayberry, solomon seal, phlox and hydrangea are original to the property which is, in fact, home to the Kennedy heritage house of the 1800s.  "We have a hosta and rose bush that are original and many of the other plants are several decades old.

A pond filled with lilies and fish


One of the focal points in the garden is the pond designed and built by Kevin White.  "There are four colours of waterlilies," says White,  "pink, white, red and purple."  An old-fashioned pump keeps the water circulating and plantings surround the flag-stone edging and an arbour covered in honeysuckle leads from the deck area to the pond.

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"We put in some annuals for colour every year, but  most of the plantings are perennial.  She laughs, "I take of the annuals and Kevin takes care of the pond and the deck and the lawn and the garage."

Perennial beds

An original rose