Debbra Nodwell Bender


Debbra Nodwell-Bender

Saugeen Shores has, perhaps, one of the most prolific artist communities in the Province. There are many artists who have worked at their craft for several years as a primary career and still others who have delved into the art world later in life, either for the first time or after a long absence.

One such artist, Debbra Nodwell-Bender of Southampton, began pursuing her painting after a prolonged absence.

Always involved in creative endeavours as a registered interior designer, sculptor and florist, it wasn’t until that past few years that she returned to painting.

As a partner in Designing Women Interior Design in Southampton, she explains that, "I have the opportunity on a daily basis to blend form, colour, texture and design. I consider myself a colourist and feel that we all have a profound need for colour, both physically and emotionally. Notice how in winter, with the overall absence of colour, people can feel emotionally different and, for some, even bereft."


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Art School

As a member of the Shoreline Artists Tour held each summer, Nodwell-Bender is "... amazed at the people who support the art community by actually buying pieces that they see while on the tour. It's wonderful encouragement for local artists."

Nodwell-Bender's work was recently chosen for the front cover of the Southampton Art School & Gallery 2008 catalogue. "The piece depicts the Art School as the Heart of our Heritage," says Nodwell-Bender.

Within the composition there are various key aspects that have been part of Southampton's heritage, such as the world-famous sunsets, Chantry Island Lighthouse and, of course, the sand beach with its dunes that has been recognized as an environmental treasure. A fishing boat entering the harbour illustrates the strong First Nation ties to the community while the gulls following represent the area's strong marine heritage.

Nodwell-Bender continues to study with prominent artist instructors at the Southampton Art School and is a member of the Shoreline Artists and Central Ontario Art Association