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Connecting with the DGR – July edition 

by Marie Wilson




The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), on behalf of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), is progressing through the regulatory approvals process for the proposed Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for OPG’s low and intermediate level waste. Numerous activities are taking place in support of the Environmental Assessment, which will be chronicled in the Environmental Impact Statement to be submitted to the Joint Review Panel in 2011 and distributed for public comment prior to the public hearing in 2012.

      Geoscience studies at the Bruce site are continuing with the ongoing installation of Westbay multi-level groundwater monitoring equipment in the four vertical boreholes to provide ground water system baseline data for the Bruce site. Drilling of the last two boreholes (out of six) is in progress.  Inclined boreholes DGR 5/6 are currently at 200 metres and 80 metres respectively. Both will be drilled, cored, and tested to depths of about 840 metres by the end of December.

       The weather is perfect for surface water studies, bird counts and breeding amphibian surveys, which have been conducted to upgrade the current environmental field baseline data. Work is also progressing on the safety assessment evaluations, which will look at both the conventional and radiological safety effects of the DGR during the operational phase, over the long-term and well into the future.

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06/07/2009 08:26 PM

    Efforts are also ongoing to best optimize the design for the DGR by the engineering/conceptual design team.

      Our next series of summer engagement activities with the DGR mobile summer exhibit are scheduled to begin with Canada Day celebrations in Southampton on July 1. Canada Day celebrations in Kincardine will encompass both July 1 & 2. As part of the celebration of our nation’s birthday, the NWMO, in conjunction with the Municipality of Kincardine, is sponsoring the outdoor viewing of Kung Fu Panda at the flats (soccer field directly behind Kincardine District Secondary School on Durham St.) No charge for the film, simply bring a lawn chair and enjoy. Parking will be at the Kincardine Davidson Centre.  And of course the mobile exhibit will be present and prior to the viewing of the family feature film at dusk, we will be showing the DGR video. For a more complete listing of all of our summer venues with the DGR mobile exhibit or for more information about the proposed project, please check out our website at:

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