Deep Space

This column does not have a single author, but is submitted by a number of experts that contribute regularly to our news source.  Some are in Canada, some in the UK and one is in the far east


From time to time we are notified to take a look at certain videos by a colleague in the far east.  He usually labels them "cool video of the week" or "geeks take notice".  He's like the old duo Siskel and Ebert movie review team all in one for science.  He never wastes our time and what he points us to is always worth a few minutes.

It's not like your distant cousin who sends you animated jokes by the dozen, so when I see one of Cliff's gems come in, I immediately take note.  Luckily for the people on his email list, he clearly identifies real stuff from the sop and drivel that have infected the political side of his brain.


The video linked to below takes us into deep space where no eye has ever gone.  From your 8th grade general science class you will recall that as you look deeper into space you are seeing things that took place earlier and earlier in the history of the universe.  This video will show you the deepest look yet by the Hubble Telescope which was allowed to look at tiny spots in the heavens for an unprecedented time.

So enjoy your trip into the past courtesy of YouTube and Far East Cliff

Science Deep Space. 

For other great Hubble Pictures  

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14/08/2009 09:14 AM


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