July 8th Lecture at the Bruce County Museum

(July 8th, Southampton) Dr. Peter Storck's lecture at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre was well attended.

Dr. Storck gave the audience an insight into the research required for an exhibit of the quality and depth of 'Earth's Climate in the Balance'.  After more than a year of work, the exhibit is now in place and will be on view for an entire year.  After that it may tour other museums in North America.

The exhibit takes the long view because of Dr. Storck's long career as an expert on human habitation in North America and Ontario.

The exhibit is interactive and Dr. Storck designed it to be of interest to both adults and children. 

After his opening remarks on how the research was done, he gave us a good idea of what focus is all about.  He showed the genesis of some of the key portions of the exhibit with clever sketches and models.

After an in depth review of all the key features and research sources for his information, the audience asked a series of interesting questions.

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One question concerned the possible halt of 'progress', if pollution and climate changed were addressed aggressively by society in the form of  agreements and laws..

Dr. Storck answered the question deftly.  He pointed out that cities until recent times were "death traps".  He asked the audience to consider what we take for granted.  We need only recall the petulance that visited large urban areas in the past and how much humans have worked to make life at close quarters possible, if not pleasant.

That is, we don't question the burden of fresh water and sewage treatment.  We take that for granted and consider them a prime responsibility of government and law.  The same thing is true of modern pollution, pesticides and common household items. 

Dr. Storck pointed out that he and his wife started over with common items in the house after he had completed his research

For other references see the Saugeen Times Science Section