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July 31st, 2009



The Saugeen Memorial Emergency Ward

After breaking the story of the proposed night closing of the local Southampton hospital Emergency Room scheduled for September, which appears to becoming a trend in the health care system, the Saugeen Times has followed  the events as they have unfolded.

Readers can follow this issue at  Some, but not all of the articles are listed below as links.

  • LHIN meeting as a whole

  • Maureen Solecki, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the Grey-Bruce Health Service talked at length with residents of Saugeen Shores after the LHIN meeting in Owen Sound on July 28, 2009

  •  Letter to the Editor from an attendee on July 29.

  • The recent editorial in the Saugeen Times and the Southampton Residents Association (SRA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) energized some people to attend the LHIN(s) meeting in Owen Sound on Tuesday, July 28th. A large contingent travelled from Southampton as a result of their reading, in the Saugeen Times about Saugeen Shores' Mayor, Mike Smith's, comments at the SRA meeting held at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, Saturday, July 25th .

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31/07/2009 05:54 PM

Since the story broke over two months ago, the facts have not changed, but  further articles have been published:

In addition to the above, further information can be read by going to the 'Search Site' at the top of the index on the Times.

Of particular interest also, are the activities in Kincardine (See ). Entering "Friends of Kincardine Hospital" under 'Search Site, will produce some 67 references to their work as a group in Kincardine.

The Saugeen and Kincardine Times will continue to follow  the issue of local health care.

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