Early Flowering Shrubs



Submitted by the Man in the Tilley Hat


The FORSYTHIAS are now coming to the end of their flowering for this year, and once the flowers have died the SPRING PRUNING can begin.

A lot of the bushes are well "out of hand" straggly, and looking sparse, give them a good pruning back. |
BUT DO NOT GO beyond the last set of leaves on the branches. Leave several and they will bush out from there.
Other bushes can be trimmed back to keep neat, and tidy.

One rule with shrubs...prune after flowering.

Another point is that I ALWAYS cut back the majority of shrubs I buy from Nurseries or Garden Centres, usually by about a third when planting, this helps to get roots going more quickly, and the plant is not trying to send nourishment to tips way off. Do not take out of pot until the hole is ready and can be planted at once.

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10/05/2009 11:57 PM

Use BONE MEAL to encourage root growth; and water heavily and keep moist, but NOT sitting in water if you have CLAY soil.

Fertilize with a high middle number fertilizer - stores sell "Plant starters" this is usually low nitrogen, high phosphorus, ands medium potash.

FOLLOWING manufacturer's instructions is a MUST.

Good gardening!



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