Earth Day Triumph!
And a May 14th Community Activity…

Submitted by Nicola Bruce


The Planeteers at SDSS had a successful time in promoting Earth Day two weeks ago on April 22nd.

During their school lunch hour, they hosted ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? - Environmental Challenge’ in which participants from the high school signed up to take part. A slideshow, put together by Planeteers member Katie Marriott, was projected in the cafeteria where participants had to choose from the following categories: Environmental Solutions, Environmental Heroes, Who’s most likely to?, Environmental School Achievements, Earth Day, and Climate Change. As goes the game show, there were different levels of difficulty as classified from grades one to five.

All contestants were quite competent but had to call on five students from Northport Elementary School, who attended and ensured that the high school contestants knew what they were up against! Cody Rowland and Cory Longmire, with the highest score, had a tree planted in their honor. The runners-up received chocolate that was kindly donated by Mill Creek Chocolates.

The audience who watched the show had the opportunity to guess the amount of whales and frogs in a fishbowl. The winner was Elyse Curtis, who was sure to share the treats with her friends.

The Planeteers next project is one that encourages the whole community to participate.
‘20 minutes. 20 items. A difference.’ encourages community members to spend twenty minutes on May 14th cleaning up items in any part of Saugeen Shores that they choose. Contact

to tell them what area you are interested in cleaning up, so that they can map out what areas are being taken care of. Before and after pictures are appreciated as well!

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04/05/2009 11:49 PM

If anybody is interested in purchasing a Planeteers t-shirt please email

Each shirt is made from organic cotton and male and female sizes are available costing fifteen dollars. Please note that the ‘Planeteers’ insignia is only offered to members of the group.  

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