Earth's Climate in the Balance

July 5, 2008

Ron Oswald, Erin Zorsi, Milt McIver, Corrina Serda, Dr. Peter Storck & Lynda Cain of OPG officially open exhibit on Earth's Climate

The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre was filled to capacity on Thursday, July 3rd as guests attended the official opening of the new 'Earth's Climate in the Balance' exhibit.

The new display formulated by Dr. Peter Storck, Curator Emeritus of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), takes visitors  back through not only chronological time but, also, through the climate changes that occurred on earth.

Dr. Storck says "This exhibit should put global warming in context - it isn't anything new under the sun, but has been happening for years." And Storck expects people will be enlightened by the scale of climate change in relation to the immense age of the earth.  Adds Storck, "We won't destroy the earth. We may destroy ourselves, but in the big picture of climate change, we are one generation in a world that is billions of years old."

In conjunction with the exhibit that opens to the public on July 5th, Dr. Storck will be speaking at the Chantry Institute Series of lectures on July 8th about the behind-the-scenes aspect of the display.

At the opening, foods were also a big part of the evening as product used was grown locally within a 114 Km radius.  The concept is in keeping with the new initiative to buy locally whenever possible in order to support local growers.

Storyboards tell the story

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Mini Jacques, Marketing Director, keeps an eye on things throughout the evening


(L) Samantha Schmalz, Jenna Leifso & Emily Bell worked to put the exhibit together in time

Mayor Mike Smith

Locally produced food served