Editorial - Pesticides & Fairy Lake


Although no one is presenting a deputation on two contentious issues at today's (February 11) Town Council meeting, it appears that not everyone agrees with Council decisions made of late.

The issue of banning pesticides has once again reared its head, as it did in 2002 and 2005 and, once again, Council has chosen to take a route that does not support a pesticide ban.

Living in what was once a pristine area, and despite data and statistics that irrefutably detail the harm to human health created through pesticide use, the majority of Saugeen Shores Council made the decision instead to support South Bruce in a petition against a cosmetic pesticide ban being proposed by the province.

How long can some elected officials bury their heads in the sand and ignore the issues that will affect the health of future generations, the quality of our water and the quality of our soil?

(see letter of January 29)

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The second matter involves yet again another re-zoning issue. This one surrounds the proposed condominium project to be built directly across from Fairy Lake.

Previously in the Saugeen Times, several concerns were, in fact, raised regarding the proposed development, including, the geographical heritage of Fairy Lake.

Now, it appears that the First Nations are also concerned about the possible archaeological history that surrounds Fairy Lake. David McLaren of the Saugeen Ojibway Nations Environmental Office submitted a request on January 25 to Bruce County Planning Department asking that an archaeological investigation be undertaken along with a consultation meeting with First Nation prior to any re-zoning being approved. (view here)

Electing a council is only part of the public's responsibility, the other part is to stay informed about the issues and let the councillor you elected know your thoughts on those issues. Don't forget, anyone can attend Town Council meetings.