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Editorial Learning from Surveys 


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Editorial/Education  Time is running out for Rotary Education


Editorial Source Water Protection is vital

Editorial Freedom of speech wins one and loses one south of the border


Editorial Haiti, putting things in perspective...

Editorial Education still on the burner


Editorial New Feature is launched today in the Kincardine Times 'What do you think?'


Editorial Kincardine needs a Council that works together


Editorial 2009 - The Year in Review  


Editorial A new decade begins

Editorial New Feature to be launched in the New Year:  'What do you think?'


Editorial Medical System in trouble


Editorial Winter 'snow melt' now illegal


Editorial All technology is local

Editorial Looking ahead

Editorial 'Pete's' Letters

OP Editorial Why do grocery stores not sell enough Canadian products?

Editorial Young faces, old tradition ...

Editorial A sign of stupidity

Editorial ER Night Closing summary and editorial of July 31, 2009 

Editorial ER service may be doomed.  Mayor Smith urges meeting attendance 

Editorial/Health & Fitness What is a community hospital? 

Editorial Tiverton Reunion is a municipal event not a private party

OP ED/Education  Draft 2 of the Bluewater School Board generates concern 

Education/Editorial Financial Matters

Editorial/Education Music in Education

Editorial Local Health Integration Networks Questioned

Editorial Education is  more than sitting in a classroom

Editorial/Educaton The new 'buzz' word Transparency...

Editor  A new Contributor

Editorial Community Supporter Getting Short Shrift

Editorial Pesticide ban invokes change

Editorial/Education School Board Chair resigns in turmoil

Editorial  'Barack to the future'

Editorial/Health & Fitness Pesticides

Editorial Kincardine Liz Dadson Two wrongs don't make a right...

Editorial  How did Obama win?  What makes him special?

Editorial  A 10 year wish list for our community

Editorial/First Nations Learning is Living 

Editorial  ... Update on the Auto Industry -- some predictions 

Editorial ... Columbia Free Trade Agreement signed by Canada 

Editorial ... Buying Canadian Matters ...

Editorial ... A confrontation that had to happen by Liz Dadson  

OP Ed ... Oct 30, 2008 How is the US election shaping up?  A look at McCain 

Oct 27 ... Local Apathy abounds ...

Oct 8, 2008  ... Getting the wheels on Town planning

Oct 8, 2008  ... Election choice? None of the above by Liz Dadson 

Oct 7, 2008  ... Fear and Vandalism in politics 

Sept 27, 2008 ... What's going on in Washington?  Local or Global? 

Sept 13, 2008 ...  New comments on the Rail Trail H'way 21 crossing 

August 1, 2008  ... The Saugeen Times passes the six month mark of operation

July 31, 2008  ... Beach grooming or ruination?
OP Ed July 30, 2008  ... Where is Professor Douglas when we need him?
July 22, 2008 Why use pesticides with all the information available?
July 18, 2008 ... Lambert Hall closes.  Official pinpoints lack of support in Port Elgin  
Another Take on Earth Day
Is Amalgamation an Orphan
Can Eden Mills become the first Carbon Neutral Community in North America?
Although no one is presenting a deputation on two contentious issues at today's (February 11) Town Council meeting, it appears that not everyone agrees with Council decisions made of late.

Why Have an Official Plan?

The final Weeks that led up to the Development Charge issue as Council.


Cape Croker First Nations Cross Country Ski Team

Development Charges, Long Time Coming or Rush to Judgment?

Another New Study? If it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, then chances are it's a duck!

Development Charges Difficult Decisions  by Wayne Macdonald

Cape Croker Croker Cross Country Ski Team

Canadian tire in the Community Read More
Wow Guide for Christmas Read More
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