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achieved April 7, 2011


Education Trip to the far north is a go  

Education SDSS Helping hands for Haiti  

Education SDSS Staff receive award of excellence  

Education Bluewater looking at alliance with Korea

Education Early all day learning  

Education Mathematics and Science Education needs a boast

Education Bruce Power Co-op program  

Education Northport students create art  

 Education New budget process for Bluewater school board, says Johnstone

 Education Bluewater School Board votes to change bus policy

Education Olympic Spirit captured by students

Education KTTPS Christmas Concert  

Education OSAID sends sober message through local liquor store 

Education Elgin Market holds dress rehearsal for Christmas Concert 

Education/Kincardine Council Council gets update on Education in the area

Education KDSS  Christmas Knights bring in food and toys 

Education Hands-on outdoor learning

Education Helping nobody become somebody

Education GIRLS Science Club learns how animals survive in the wild


Education Northport Cougar News for December, 2009


Education Free the Children comes to local school

Education MedQUEST camp promoted at KDSS

Education Great start for Me to We in Ripley

Education The Bluewater District Satisfaction Survey -- an expanded view

Education The Sounds of Silence


Education Experts seem to debate the merits of EQAO testing. 


Education Satisfaction Survey Results released by the Bluewater School District -- more to come tomorrow


Education Blue Water School Board to get report about issues raised last year


Education Good Education is the key to poverty reduction


Education KDSS English teacher dies at age 65


Education Valedictorian Joe Desmond recalls the great times at KDSS


Education Congratulations KDSS Ontario Scholars Kincardine October 30, 2009


Education Students gear up for Halloween for hunger


Education Local High School not as hard hit by N1H1 as other area schools


Education/Health & Fitness KDSS holds 'catch-up' day due to illness; hospital visitation restricted


Education  Northport Cougar News Oct. 29, 2009


Education  Rick Fines blues guitarist coming to Bluewater School District


Education Bluewater School  Board doesn't get it says Larry Miller


Education  Improv Class teaches students to think on their feet


Education  Free the Children Club at G. C. Huston


Education The Bluewater School Board's new home in Chesley is officially open


Education Valedictorian's Speech by Evan Porter


Education SDSS Grade 12 Commencement...


Education The Lost Course


Education Northport Cougar News Oct 9, 2009


Education Help for local students in mathematics


Education Officer Curry speaks to the children


Education High Skills Major programs valuable to rural communities


Education Northport Cougar News Oct 6, 2009


Education Grey Bruce Water Festival attracts students 


Education Bluewater School District's new Administration Building to open officially


Education Five new staff at Elgin Market Public School


Education Parent Satisfaction Survey announced by the Bluewater School Board


Education Northport Cougars Hike for Hope


Education Kubota Canada invests in 4H


Education  Bill Gates' 11 commandments for children


Education  Elgin Market and Huron Heights School BBQ


Education The Museum reaches out to students


Education Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School hosted a meet-the-teacher barbecue


Education EQAO standard test scores show some surprises


Education Breakfast is the key to learning


Education Internet a Valuable Educational Tool


Education Bluewater to Hire More Elementary Teachers


Education Four new staff at KDSS


Education  New Principle at KDSS


Education  KDSS BBQ


Education Northport Elementary News  


Education New program aimed at keeping girls in high school


Education New construction high skills major at KDSS


Education New Programs for Local High Schools

Education Students mark World Peace Day....

Education Trustees acknowledge error in judgment in plagiarism issue

Education Link Crew welcomes grade 9s to KDSS

Education United Way Reaches Goal on School Supplies

Education Youngsters learn to ride the school bus safely

Education Student wins against odds

Education The United Way’s backpack program is falling short of goal

Service Clubs/Education Rotary sponsors another exchange student

Education A reunion of teachers after 40 years

Education Bluewater high schools back to school September 9th

Education Enthusiastic support at Community Schools Alliance's first meeting

Education New teacher to arrive in Port Elgin


Education New communications coordinator for Bluewater School Board


Education KTTPS teacher retires after 33-year career


Education Business Plan Winners announced...


Education Ripley Office Manager Retires


Education Facilitator's Summary Report on Bluewater School District  

Education SDSS Prom 2009  

Education Teacher moves from Ripley to Port Elgin  

Education Time to Shine for class of  2009

Education Shirley Vogan Retires from Elgin Market School

Education Local Student Will Participate in Arctic Adventure

Education  Valedictorian says:  Put your Mind to it....  

Letters/Education Mary Anne Alton answers four questions 

Education KTTPS Grade 8 Graduation

Education Ripley Grade 8 Graduation

Education  Are EQAO results at odds with Mary Anne Alton's claims?

Education Bluewater School Board budget submitted

Education KISS in Ripley

Education Ripley principal transferred to Northport 

Education Mary Anne Alton's message to Principals

Education KTTPS celebrates Kindergarten graduation

Education  Volunteers appreciated at KTTPS

Education  Can a partial victory for Rotary Education by anticipated?

Education Bluewater School Board still without a budget.  Trustees react to proposed hires 

Education Full Day Learning for 4 and 5 year olds exposes issues

Education Achievements awarded at Kincardine Guiding advancement

Education Super Hoeper and Zac Attack come to Ripley-Huron


First Nations/Education Students learn about First Nations Culture

Education Winding down for another year at SDSS

Detroit is trying, can we do as well?

Education Healthy snack choices at KDSS

Education GC Huston Students plant a Butterfly Garden

Education School Accommodation dollars becomes available

Education KTTPS Band is best in Province.....

Education As of June 4, 2009 Bluewater School Board still has no budget

OP ED/Education  Draft 2 of the Bluewater School Board generates concern 

Education  School Board and Administration issues keep churning ... no end in sight  

Education  Parents Angry in Public Forum with Bluewater Board ....

Education Many changes announced for the Bluewater School System

Education (Long public meetings today concerning the performance of the school board.... more to follow tomorrow)        Bluewater Education Outreach 2009 Presentation 

Education Outreach to the Community continues with Bluewater School Board

Education KDSS Prom night 2009

Education/Editorial Financial Matters

Editorial/Education Music in Education

Education/First Nations Update on Gold Medal Winning SDSS Team.

Education Retired Teachers Donate

Education Support for School Bands needed...

Education Ripley Rocks III is coming up fast 

Education.... Can Dick and Jane do their sums? 

Education Education Overview -- The Bluewater Board and Administration under review

Education Ripley Ravens to  hear lecture on drugs

Education Public Meeting stirs issues pot again

Education Agreement for Bluewater teachers is ratified

Education New Bluewater Trustee's Selection Process comes under fire at the Board Meeting

Education Another Surprise at the Bluewater School Board Meeting

Education Bluewater District School Board seats its replacement for the trustee vacancy

Education Port Elgin & Kincardine Delegations to the Bluewater School Board Cut off in Puzzling Public Relations Move

Education Another delegation presents before the embattled Bluewater School Board. 

Education Bluewater School Board presents Awards of Excellence

Education School Board to Face Delegations at monthly meeting ... the public is welcome

Letters/Education Bluewater Citizens for Education explains need for concern


Education Bluewater School Board tries outreach to the public 


Education Feds and Province announce $5,510,720 FOR GREENING AREA SCHOOLS


Education G. C. Huston breaks record 


Education Ministerial review of school board continues


Education New Playground Equipment at Elgin Market School

Education  Ripley Raven's News


Education Public Speaking for young students...


Education Bluewater District School Board announces public meeting dates as part of outreach to parents, students and staff 


Education Learning Collaborative bringing University English course to Kincardine


Education Elgin Market holds bike rodeo


Education A new educational source -- MendEd


Educaton The new 'buzz' word Transparency...


Education Girls discover creatures in river water....


Education Principle has to answer for lack of communication before Bluewater School Board


Letters/Education Retired teacher lays out a strong case for restoring Rotary Education in grades 7 & 8. 


Education Retired Teachers concerned about loss of Rotary Education

Education G. C. Huston celebrates Earth Day

Education The following is a media release issued by the Blue Water District School Board's new Chair, Jennifer Yenssen, on April 23, 2009

Education Bluewater Citizens for Education calls for public input before beleaguered School Board

Education Walkerton Secondary School Chair Speaks Out on issues with the Bluewater School Board

Education Contentious issues continue to surface at the Bluewater School Board Meeting........ 

Education Blues Artists give students a musical history lesson

Education/A&E French Magician urges students to use their talents to succeed

Education Section 23 being moved from G. C. Huston 

Letter/Education Kevin Larson asks a question

Education Statement from Bluewater Citizens for Education April 11, 2009

Education School again rejects Canadian Legion Public School speaking contest

Education Parents back to square one with school board 

Education Kathleen Wynne Minister of Education interviewed on Bluewater difficulties along with MP Larry Miller

Education Bluewater District School Board is Not Acting in the Best Interests of Elementary Education says Clegg 

Education Ripley Ravens Public Speaking

Letters/Education Parent decries lack of democratic process in the Bluewater School District 

Letters/Education Next Steps Bluewater School Board by Kevin Larson


Education When is enough enough?


Education Bluewater Citizens' Group airs frustrations.  Parents express their views.

Science/Education Planeteers and Earth Hour at Leguault's Saturday Night

Education 4-H Club teaches youth valuable lessons...

Education/Service Groups Kincardine Legion holds annual speaking contest 

Education/Heritage Veterans long time volunteer help no longer valued? 

Education/Letters More Parent Concern over Bluewater District Administration 

Education Murdoch & Mitchell receive acknowledgment from the Minister of Education 

Education Kincardine parents upset at Bluewater school board  

Education Planeteers -- young women believe they can make a difference

Education  Bluewater School Board and Administration  continues to attract attention.  MPPs Mitchell and Murdoch call for a Minister of Education Review  

Education Cool Science site of the month for March 2009

Science/Education Earth Hour Events for March 28, 2009

Letters/Education A parent responds to the Bluewater School District.

Education Tour of Kincardine Veterinary Services..

Education OPG Donation to Bluewater Science & Technology Science

Education Bluewater Board Room erupts in shouting.

Editorial/Education School Board Chair resigns in turmoil

Education Kid Zone at the Museum on March Break

Education Firefighter Day at March Break Fun Club  

Education Teen Trecker  

Education March Break at the Davidson

Education Girls Science Club gets a close look at computers

A&E/Education SDSS performs Oklahoma

Education CERNland is lauched

Education Tropical Day at Ripley School

Education Ripley Ravens host regional public speaking contest

First Nations/Education  First Nations examine education

Talent Show at KTTPS Click for Details

Education  How do volunteers plug-in?

Education/Events March Break Fun Club and other activities


Education The forgotten student


Education Bluewater District School Board holds meeting


Education Student Travel a Lifetime Opportunity


Education Principal Kisses Petunia... Find out why?


Education  Ripley Ravens learn public speaking.....


Heritage/Education Medieval Days at the Museum ... school programs flourish


Education Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School  Annual Winter Carnival


Education Bowl for Kids Sake

Education KTTPS receives recognition for Carbon Offset Card

Education Eugenie's Ability Camp Newsletter

Education School board leadership (trustees, directors and supervisory officers) also need ongoing development

Education The Cayley Contest

Education What a 9th grader should know

Education Spaghetti Dinner in Tiverton 

Education Important meeting at SDSS on Feb. 12, 2009 about School Governance 

Education School condition report and grant money 

Education  Educating future Leader-Heroes

Education Energizing Ontario Education

Education New Principal at Huron Heights Public School 

Education Cynthia Lemon new G. C. Huston Principal 

Education Modernization of School Board Governance............

Education ... School Boards receive huge grants for buildings, boilers, roofs and labs ...

Education ...  The hidden costs of education...  

Education  GC Huston receives excellence in education award  

Education Hey, come on catch up!

Education About 50 children attend New Year Adventure Camp

Letters/Education Section 23 for G. C. Huston by Kevin Larsen

A&E/Education Grade 11 Drama Class performs James and the Giant Peach  

Science/Education ... The King's Evil Test

Education... Changes to Section 23  administration -- new developments

Letter/Education... One Parents Perspective about G. C. Huston

Education ... Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School Christmas Concert 2008

Education ... Elgin Market School Christmas  Concert  

Education ... Applegate School in a true Country Setting 

Education ...Section 23 explained before a packed house 

Education ... G. C. Huston Community Council Co-chair responds to questions

Education ... Urgent meeting at G. C. Huston on Thursday Dec. 11th

Education ...  KDSS goes on semester system in September 2009

Education ...  Murdoch presents $10,000 to help Big Brothers Big Sisters

Education ... G. C. Huston has a big heart

Education... PWU helps  Children's Library Program  

Education ... G.C. Huston takes on environmental cause

Nov 17 Scouts visit Hockey Hall of Fame

Nov 14 ... CFUW grants scholarships 

Nov 2, 2008 ... Walk in your children's shoes ...

Oct 26, 2008 ... Vital Parents Conference in Owen Sound

Oct. 26, 2008 ... Who are Ontario's Top Educators?

Oct 23, 2008 ...  Apex College at Point Clark  

Oct 17, 2008 ...  A taste of  Guiding, Scouting from Scotland  

Oct 12 2008 ... First annual 'Invest in Youth Golf Tourney at Chippewa 

Oct 11, 2008... KDSS Children and Adults leave for Europe

Oct 8, 2008 ...  Investing in young people benefit to be held at Chippewa Golf and Country Club Oct 11, 2008

August 31, 2008 ... Student says "We are not uninformed about Rotary!"

August 28, 2008 ...  The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre held a successful KidsZone program throughout the summer.
August 27, 2008 ...  Girls Science Camp at the Bruce Nuclear Visitors' Centre by Liz Dadson  

August 27, 2008 ...  Journey into the 4th dimension

August 14, 2008 ...  Elementary Teachers meet in Toronto - Bluewater Move to non-Rotary questioned

August 9, 2008 ...  Parents and Grandparents ... check out how you can participate with the kids in a great musick program

August 8, 2008  Outbound Exchange Student gets a big send off  

August 8, 2008  Local Resident maintains that the Bluewater School District "mismanages the truth ..." in the controversy over the removal of Rotary Education

August 1, 2008  ... Another parent speaks out with a well formed argument against the change in Rotary Education
July 26, 2008 Response of the Ministry of Education regarding Rotary Education
July 24, 2008 Doug Reeve remembers and wishes the same adventure for his son
July 23, 2008 Letter to the Minister of Education by a 10th Grade Student regarding Rotary Education
 July 12, 2008  Children of Bruce County are in need  
July 10, 2008 ... The official plan according to children
July 10, 2008 ...The United Way of Bruce Grey's backpack school supply collection program has more than doubled in requests for 2008. Poverty is increasing
July 10, 2008 ... Letter to Kathleen Wynne Minister of Education from the concerned parents regarding Rotary Education... the 'Last Resort'  
June 30, 2008  SDSS student wins essay contest
June 30, 2008 ...  The debate continues on Rotary Education. Mary Ann Alton, Director of Education, Bluewater School District responds to Kevin Larson's Letter of May 29, 2008.  She is perplexed why this is a problem only in Port  Elgin and Kincardine?
June 23, 2008 Over 500 Concerned Citizens Petition Blue Water District School Board on the curtailment of Rotary Education
June 21 The Bluewater School District Releases their 2008-09 budget.  Read the analysis  
June 19, 2008 Read Bob Hastings views on the explosive Rotary Education issue. 
Education for June 18, 2008 ....The Bluewater School Board sometimes recognizes community volunteers for their contributions but it isn't often that a teacher is nominated for the same recognition
  Video June 13, 2008  of the Protest March in Port Elgin recently by parents and students.
June 15, 2008 .... School literacy test results have been released by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)  
Rotary Education June 11, 2008 4:23 pm  Big Protest March in Port Elgin.   Read the latest news!
Rotary Education June 11, 2008 12:55 pm 150 People Protest Rotary Education in Port Elgin Today.  Read a parent's impassioned plea  
ROTARY Education PROTEST PICKET LINE will STIR THE AREA ...   June 10, 2008  Teachers, parents and students are scheduled to stage a protest on Wednesday June 11.  This is an explosive issue.  
Rotary Education...   June 6, 2008 11:08 am Read Mary Anne Alton's side of the contentious issue of Rotary Education that has dominated the Saugeen area recently
Rotary Education... June 6, 2008 Analysis of Bluewater School's $184,703,998 budget proposal
Education ... June 5, 2008 Lake Huron Learning Centre discussed at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre
Rotary June 4, 2008 9:35 pm.  Saugeen Area Parents Rally to block the Bluewater Board's decision to eliminate Rotary Education  Key meeting to be held Thursday June 5 at 8 pm at the CAW Centre.... read more
Rotary June 4, 2008  The Saugeen Times has never received anywhere near the volume of mail on any issue like that received on Rotary Education.... here's another from Northport Elementary and a summary so far...  
Rotary June 3, 2008 Yet another letter on Rotary Education as the issue heats up.  This time read 'A Parent's Evidence'.  The public is engaged like no other recent topic!
June 2, 2008 Rotary Education is a contentious issue in the Saugeen Area involving parents, teachers and administrators and of course children, which all parties value.  We have highlighted it lately.  It does not look like it is going away quietly.  What follows reveals the arguments on each side.  What do you think  Saugeen Times Reader? 
Rotary May 31, 2008  Another letter about Rotary Education in the Bluewater School District to the Director of Education
Rotary May 28, 2008  As parents of children in the Blue Water District School Board, we feel it necessary to add our voices to the current issue of removing the rotary teaching system within the schools.   (Please see the full letter by clicking here)  
May 27, 2008  SDSS Drama Class produces controversial play...
Rotary May 23, 2008 Rotary vs. Non-Rotary Teaching Causes Huge Controversy
Education ... for May 22, 2008 News from Lambert Hall in Port Elgin
People for Education talk at SDSS brings out issues Tuesday Night
One, Two, Three, .... Infinity.... that's how we got to the Moon ... doing sums with our kids

More School Improvements in Goderich


Amalgamation in Education -- fiasco?
Family of Schools Day a huge success for all the ages
Is It Ever Too Young to Begin Learning through Music? Read about Joan Allan's way of teaching the International Language
What did grade school kids know in the late 1700s?  It looks like the Minister of Education hopes they know as much now ... read The Day of Reckoning
What were reading requirements like 70 odd years ago in Canada in the 8th grade?   
Considering that education offers a way out of poverty, teachers can benefit from a greater understanding of how poverty can affect their students and the ways they learn.  Read The Face of Poverty
Maria Claudia Andrea Macino Zorrilla is one of the many young people who get to experience the opportunity of lifetime -- the chance to travel to a new country, experience a new school and lifestyle and make new friends. From Mexico, 16-year-old Claudia is part of the Rotary Club's student exchange program.
How are area schools doing relative to each other and the Province.  Last of a series  
Port Elgin's Saugeen Central has the best recorded math scores in the Saugeen area for 6th Graders.
In the Saugeen Times' continuing effort to bring attention to how our local Saugeen Area Students are doing, we are today, February 14, 2008, looking at the EQAO results for Paisley Central Elementary School   

Last week we looked at high school mathematics and how our high school was doing relative to others. (more) Today on February 12, 2008, we will look at the Northport School for grades 3 and 6.  We present the results of the EQAO tests.  NICE GOING NORTHPORT
Mathematics Education... How is our high school doing?  February 8, 2008

Read about 'The Last Book'


Rotary makes a donation of 10 computers to G. C. Houston


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Youth Study Habits

One of the most important things to learn as a child is how to study.  Here are a few hints:

  • Yes, yes, it takes time.  You'll find it will take less time, if you are not watching TV or listening to radio.  Go to the quietest place in the house and learn to concentrate.

  • Let's say you have to do math homework.  A rule of thumb is DON'T start doing the assigned problems!  You should read the chapter first.

  • What is the chapter heading?  Headings are important.  The writer of the book is trying to tell you something ... read the chapter and the headings in the chapter.

  • After you understand what the chapter is trying to tell you, read the body of the headings carefully.

  • Only after the above has been done, should you try to do the assignment.

Now this is the most outlandish suggestion yet, but it works.  Here goes!  Review all the chapters before the one you are in now by looking at the chapter headings one after another every day you study?  How can this be possible?  Well, the first week, it is easy.  As the semester advances, you can still do it in 10 minutes.  You can review all the headings, formulas or sidebar information in a book in about 10 minutes.  If you do this each day, you will be an A student.



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