Education on the Internet

As we see our children and grandchildren play games on  their computers, we sometimes discount the power of the medium to tell us things that we do not know.

A group of scientists who read the Saugeen Times internationally sent this example of the power of the Net to educate.  What is the subject?  It's the mystery of dimensions.  You'll be charmed by the easy to understand first offerings in the more than two hour series.  It is wonderfully animated and the voice over is paced well too.

See if you can get any of your youngsters to watch it.  About 8th grade plus would be the right level

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As you advance along, you'll see that what is happening is very elegant and may surprise you.  You will begin simply and then move quickly from 1, 2,3, and more dimensions.

So what good is all this?  It shows the beauty of human thought.  Yes, that's what it does.

Is there any practical use for what is going on with all this?  Yes, but you'll have to refer to Special Relativity and modern physics to find out.

Here is the Dimensions Web Site