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Education  Northport captures musical gold all 'round  Read More

Education Saugeen Central continues to bring home music medals  Read More

Education East to West and West to East  Read More

Education  OCWA recognizes students for OneWater Education program participation    Read More

Education  Plants, plants and ... more plants at SDSS Greenhouse May Sale  Read More

Education Catholic School Board holds STEAM Faire in Hanover Read More

Education  St. Anthony's in nation-wide recycling contest   Read More

Education Northport Elementary School becoming known for its artistic musical program   Read More

Education Famous Canadian Author to visit G.C. Huston - Principal Dan Russell invites the community  Read More

Education  Huston Hawks hold 7th annual Stanley Pot Championships  Read More

Education Minister of Education makes an afternoon visit to Bruce-Grey schools Read More

Education  Spring  means it's time for 'Young Growers'   Read More

Education  Kids Co-op Nursery gets a financial boost  Read More

Education Northport 'Me to We' Students know the value of clean water  Read More

Education  Over 100 Grey-Bruce students attend Vimy's 100th  Read More

Education   Newfoundland students visit Hepworth on a student exchange Read More

Education Learning about Agriculture at Grey Roots Museum  Read More

Education Mass elementary school band learns new techniquesRead More

Education Murals at SDSS are unveiled in traditional First Nation ceremony Read More

Education  Northport hosts 'Fearlessly Girl' symposium  Read More

Education  Northport hosts 'Fearlessly Girl' symposium  Read More

Education Two rural schools slated to close get a reprieve  Read More

Education Learning from a master artist   Read More

Education Bluewater ICE Training Day  Read More

Education Northport Star Power with the Glee Club Cougars  Read More

Education Regional Technological Skills Challenge 2017  Read More

Education Northport Night of the Stars Read More

Education   French Immersion students to show skills  Read More

Education Fashion extravaganza fundraiser   Read More

Education Public Speaking Championships choose two County winners Read More

Education  Interim Superintendent of Education appointed at Bluewater Board Read More

Feature Local 'Young Growers' get to see large-scale greenhouse   Read More

Education 'Dress to Impress' fashions hosted by St. Joseph's school Read More

Education School closures based on outdated report  Read More

Feature Public Speaking students moving on to the next level - March 13, 2017 Read More

Education Student competitors to attend Skilled Trades Challenge  Read More

Education  Spirit Assembly unveils two more Grandfather doors Read More

Education Students appear fearless when it comes to public speaking  Read More

Education Bluewater Board to host another 'special' ARC meeting  Read More

Education Declining enrolment indicative of parent and student frustration   Read More

Education  A last hurrah for two local schools  Read More

Education Pink Shirt Day 2017 in Bluewater Read More

Education The little school that can ... and does  Read More

Education  Many delegations to speak at Bluewater Board ARC meeting February 28th  Read More

Education Interim Director of Bluewater appointed  Read More

Education  G. C. Huston celebrates annual 'Winterama' regardless of weather Read More

Education Rural school closures an alarming trend say NFU and OFA   Read More

Education Special Board ARC meeting for public feedback Read More

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Youth Study Habits

One of the most important things to learn as a child is how to study.  Here are a few hints:

  • Yes, yes, it takes time.  You'll find it will take less time, if you are not watching TV or listening to radio.  Go to the quietest place in the house and learn to concentrate.

  • Let's say you have to do math homework.  A rule of thumb is DON'T start doing the assigned problems!  You should read the chapter first.

  • What is the chapter heading?  Headings are important.  The writer of the book is trying to tell you something ... read the chapter and the headings in the chapter.

  • After you understand what the chapter is trying to tell you, read the body of the headings carefully.

  • Only after the above has been done, should you try to do the assignment.

Now this is the most outlandish suggestion yet, but it works.  Here goes!  Review all the chapters before the one you are in now by looking at the chapter headings one after another every day you study?  How can this be possible?  Well, the first week, it is easy.  As the semester advances, you can still do it in 10 minutes.  You can review all the headings, formulas or sidebar information in a book in about 10 minutes.  If you do this each day, you will be an A student.





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