Enbridge sponsors community grant program
By Liz Dadson



Local groups who are looking for extra funding now have another pool of money they can access.

Enbridge Ontario Wind Farm is sponsoring a community grant program open to any organizations that meet the criteria. The company will match funds to non-profit/charitable groups that have a common desire to build a strong community in the Municipality of Kincardine.

Enbridge has established the fund with an initial investment of $50,000 over the next five years and an incremental investment of $5,000/year during the period, if required. The program will be evaluated by the company and the municipality after the first five years, to determine its effectiveness and investment requirements.

The program is based on Enbridge's core community values which are environment and safety; education; arts and culture; and health and community. The goal is to benefit as many groups as possible.

The money will be granted on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis in two categories: a grant of up to $5,000 or a special circumstances grant of an amount greater than $5,000. In both cases the funds are matched by the non-profit/charitable group's own funds and all projects must demonstrate the support of the community.

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26/03/2009 08:31 PM

The grant program is aimed at groups whose primary address is in the Municipality of Kincardine; the application form is short, simple and one page; it will be administered by Enbridge and the municipality and included in the annual municipal budget process; projects may be of a capital or operational nature; the committee administering the project will include one Enbridge official and two municipal officials; and grants are for a one-year duration but multi-year grants could be considered under special circumstances.

Kincardine council has endorsed the grant program which will run in parallel with the municipality's own community grant program. The only difference is that Enbridge
requires matching funds from each group that applies.

For more information, contact the municipality at 519-396-3468.

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