Evelyn Seaman's Funeral   


Evelyn Seaman (1919-2008) had her funeral at the United Church in Southampton today February 7, 2008.  It was a fine funeral and unusual in many ways.  How so?

Often when an old woman dies, her funeral is sparsely attended.  Evelyn's was not.  Lots of people paid their respects and actually enjoyed themselves..

She had a daughter Joanne of California and of course Thead Seaman and Ron Seaman, both well known builders in the area  Thead gave a  thoughtful and moving talk about his mother.  It was just right.

Evelyn was the second oldest of ten children and grew up on a farm.  My contact with her was limited, but telling.  She was an avid history buff and a member of the Bruce County Historical Society for many years.  What struck me about her is what she could have done, if times were different and women's rights and ambitions were as they are today. 

This is not to detract from her many accomplishments, but to pay respect to her intelligence.  She did not miss a trick.  She once, twice and three times asked us to interview a local legend and friend of hers, Isobel Howke (See Featured People).  We did and she asked again, if we had.  We were glad we did, because Evelyn would persist until we did.  She wanted the interview to capture history from an elegant friend of hers.  That speaks volumes about both women.  That was the essence of the person... an avid reader and history lover.

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So what else was so special about this funeral?

Two of her grandchildren told the most charming stories about their grandmother.  These were not eloquent words spoken by experienced orators, but they were so moving that they brought both tears and smiles to the audience.  This was clearly a good woman who has passed on in her genes the 'right stuff'.

One young man remembered best his trips across the Sauble River at his grandmother's cottage to get supplies for dinner with a carefully crafted list.

The other grandson remembered when on a summer visit, his grandmother cooked him a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings when she was not feeling well in the middle of the summer!   Just for him! He sat down to this sumptuous feast and his grandmother sat with him, but did not eat.  She was giving her love to him and he knew it.

Woven into the talks by Thead, Joanne, Scott and Mark, was Evelyn's passion for sports and the Blue Jays.  Scott told of going to the Lawn Bowling Club with his grandmother in the summer and not being very good. He was  rewarded still by Evelyn giving him her first place prize.  Now that's a grandmother!  How could a boy forget that?

The choir was good, the music just right and as usual Rev. Keith Reynolds did a masterful job at sewing the threads of a good life together to make her live again in everyone's heart.

Congratulations Evelyn, you were steady at the helm.