Family dances together in the traditional way



(L) Daughter Daunis Myo, mother Nungonse, father Darren and son, Myeengun

The Myo family is from Cape Croker, located on the Bruce Peninsula of Bruce County on Lake Huron. Together, as a family, they perform the traditional dances of their First Nations people.

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30/03/2009 10:27 PM

In their aboriginal communities, they are famous dancers and are becoming more so. They have danced in International Pow Wows in Toronto and are looking forward to the possibility of dancing in Europe and, in particular, Germany. Most recently, they took part in the Saugeen 10th Annual Youth Pow Wow.

The day-long Pow Wow featured a wide variety of dance styles, drumming, games and overall family fun into the evening at the James Mason Community Centre at the Saugeen First Nations.

The Myo names hold meanings in Ojibway. The family name, Myo, translates into Buffalo Calf and, Nungonse, into Little Star and, given her tiny stature, her name suits her exactly. She and husband Darren with their two children, Daunis (Daughter) (12) and son, Myeengun (Little Wolf) (8) dress in the full traditional regalia of the Ojibway when they dance.

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