Editorial: Fear and Vandalism in Politics?

also see Thom Noble's Press Release

It would appear that some individuals have a fear of a Liberal government even coming close to upsetting Mr. Harper's quest for a majority government and, thereby, his agenda.

In Toronto this past week, signs were destroyed, graffiti painted on homes where Liberal signs appeared and, the most abhorrent of all, brake lines were deliberately cut on vehicles parked in driveways of those homes.

Now, according to sources, it would appear that this same mentality has travelled to Grey Bruce County - it must have travelled because we would not want to think it's been here all along.  In the riding of Liberal candidate Thom Noble, which consists of Grey and a part of Bruce County, destructive forces have struck.  Here, too, signs have been stolen and/or vandalized.

It also appears that no other party has been targeted.  Why is that?

Obviously, it is not simply someone (or many) who doesn't like elections in general but, instead, it suggests that there is a definite underground fear of only the Liberal party.

From all historical accounts, during World War II, the same type of things happened to those who didn't 'toe the line' with the Nazi party.

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13/01/2009 04:24 PM


People were targeted, their homes were targeted and we all know what happened next.  A certain segment of the population were rounded up like cattle and efficiently eliminated.  Is this what we want to see in our country?

The right to vote is an inherent right and, the right to post election signs is a legal right.  Anyone who is vandalizing the property of those running for office, or terrorizing those supporting a certain party and its platform, is without doubt breaking a fundamental law of this country, the freedom of a democratic electoral system.

Not only is this kind of underhandedness using 'goon' tactics but it is a cowardly method of intimidation.  We can only hope that, instead of being intimidated, people will stand up for their individual rights.

Everyone must get out and vote to preserve the right and freedom to do so.  Anyone who does not vote is not contributing to the 'betterment' of his or her community or, indeed, to his or her country and the system we know as democracy.