February 2008 Weather

Feb 29 Very cold again.  Notice due to the minimum and maximum temperature so close to one another and very cold, the snow on the ground has not melted... see February 2008 graph.  We got some snow this afternoon.  Notice the jump up in snow on the ground.
Feb 28

Ice Pack Solid

Very Cold last night with a low of -19.5.  Sunny and a high pressure area around us.

Feb 27

When Do the Children Return to Port Elgin Beach?

Very cold... real snap... see above graph's pink line.  Ice to the horizon at 10:00 am according to Brian Cole

Feb 26

Jean Weichel's Feeder

More of the same Grey!  Temperature range is small in the last 15 hours.  Notice that minimum and maximum temperatures are very close to each other and are hovering around 0C  (see graph above)

Feb 25 Grey day... blah!
Feb 24

Partly Cloudy.  The ice pack is far out with some near the mouth of the Saugeen

Feb 23

Brian Cole's Corkscrew Hazel in the Snow

Lovely day today... very cold last night

Feb 22

Very nice day today with lots of sun, but high pressure area brings cold.  Lowest temperature in last 15 hours -15C

Feb 21 Light snow last night.  Still very cold.  Ice pack is from shore to about 500 yards out.  Grey skies and little wind.
Feb 20 Weather clear and cold.  We reached a record for this month of snow on the ground at 50 cm.  See the above chart.
Feb 19

Big snow last night.  Cleanup crews active and doing well.  See Feb chart for snowfall

Feb 18

Very heavy snow at 10:55 pm comes down in sheets  Early in the day is was warm, but temperatures dropped and snow began.  See graph above for information up to 5:00 pm.


Feb 17  

Looks like freezing rain today...be careful.  Tonight high winds

Feb 16 Ice close to shore.  Forecast is freezing rain... it's been snowing lightly in the morning










                 Where is this?

Feb 15

Lots of snow last night.  Look at the chart above.  Data supplied by Brian D. Cole of Grey Street Southampton.  11 am sun pops out.... SNOW SQUALL WARNING now over

Feb 14 Grey day... looks like snow coming.  Snow came... SNOW SQUALL warning
Feb 13 Started out snowing, but the sun came out and it was beautiful... cold though!
Feb 12







Not bad this morning.  Cold with snow coming


Feb 11 Highway 21 still closed.  Heavy snow last night.... blowing snow now at 10:47 am
Feb 10










              High Street After Church Today

Snowing and Blowing Hard... H'way 21 closed south and north.



Feb 9 Snowing this morning.  Ice pack close to the shore.  Looks like snow all day.
Feb 8


Kind of a nice day.... cold and grey, but ok.  The ice pack is moving out from the river.
Feb 7









It was a nice day today with some sun.  We caught this dog outside in Southampton.  Sun and a  real shadow

Feb 6


After 6 pm very heavy snow and wind
Feb 5








           Ice Pack Breaks Up in Thaw

Feb 4


Bright and Sunny Today... very nice in the  morning.  Pack ice visible. Freezing rain at 6pm
Feb 3


See Graph above
Feb 2

Feb 1


Winter Scene Victoria & High Southampton as Ginny Wall of the Museum walks home