Saugeen First Nations held its annual Language Day March 30th.

First Nations


Chief Randall Kaghee stresses important of language

Organized by the Native Language Department, the day was declared as an Official Aboriginal Language Day in 1989 to promote and appreciation for native language.

Throughout the day a variety of activities included a a drum group, arts & crafts as well as a Saugeen History session.

Former Chief, Vern Root welcomed, in Ojibway, the younger children in early childhood learning.

Chief Randall Kaghee said that the native language is a fundamental part of who the First Nations people are. "One of the gaps missing in my life is our language but I am working hard to get it back. Language is important and I encourage each of you to strive to learn that language. You have to speak it on an on-going basis and so family participation is important."

The Saugeen were also hosting a joint Council session with the Nawash of Cape Croker. The Nawash recently announced that the Federal Government has agreed to fund a new elementary school in Cape Croker with construction expected to begin in the fall for a 2010 completion.

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01/04/2009 11:51 PM

Letitia Roote shows young girls how to make moccasin patterns

Vern Root welcomes everyone in Ojibway



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