First of Its Kind in Canada

Pat MacArthur President of  Historic Métis


The Historic Saugeen Métis , located at the mouth of the Saugeen River since the early 1800s, announces with  great pleasure the signing of a “first of its kind” Métis Engagement Protocol with Bruce Power on its New Nuclear Build Project. 

The agreement will enable the Historic Saugeen Métis to inform and engage the historic community’s right-bearing Métis about the Project, while ensuring that the local Métis are able to work closely with Bruce Power, to minimized any potential environmental impacts on Métis interests, rights, and way of life.

This Protocol represents a significant milestone in Historic Saugeen Métis’ ongoing efforts to ensure that the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate the Historic Saugeen community is being fulfilled. Through the Protocol, its Energy Consultation Committee will ensure that the Historic Saugeen community is consulted throughout the Project.

Bruce Power recognizes that Métis, represented by the Historic Saugeen Métis, assert communal aboriginal rights as a Historic Métis community according to the Supreme Court decision  R. v. Powley. Bruce Power wants to work constructively with Métis and engage Métis in their historic community, to ensure their asserted rights and interests are understood and addressed in relation to the Project.

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05/03/2009 11:47 PM

With this agreement, the Historic Saugeen Métis is building on the Supreme Court of Canada’s affirmation of Métis rights. This will allow Historic Saugeen Métis to have a say on projects planned for the very lands their ancestors relied on for generations.

The Historic Saugeen Métis and Bruce Power have an existing relationship that is built on recognition and mutual respect. Both parties want to build on this to ensure that Métis are engaged in a meaningful way. The Metis community is committed to working with provincial and federal governments as well as industry on current projects that occur within the Historic Saugeen Metis traditional territory.

The Historic Saugeen Métis are located at the mouth of the Saugeen River, Southampton, Ontario. The Historic Saugeen Métis families traded from the early 1800s along the eastern shoreline of Lake Huron proper, up the Bruce Peninsula , and across to the Killarney region of Lake Huron’s North Shore.

The date of a formal signing ceremony will be announced shortly.

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