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Your browser may not support display of this image.Sixteen years ago (1992), the Town of Kincardine asked our horticultural society to plant and maintain a garden around the base of the newly-erected flagpole located at the west end of Harbour Street right next to the beach.  The beach sand is held in place by large boulders.  Three years ago an additional piece of property was added to the area.   Our society wanted plantings that would complement and enhance the beautification of this area.  Two ‘in memoriam’ park benches grace the seating area overlooking Lake Huron, and a walking path meanders through the plantings and adjoins an existing path along the lake.

The design of the flagpole garden and the plant selection is of historical and cultural significance as the garden has been planted with native trees, shrubs, and perennials to reflect the landscape when the settlers first arrived in Kincardine.  Plants were chosen that would exist and thrive in the harsh environmental conditions of sand, drought, hot drying winds in summer, and the extreme cold, winter winds, snow, and ice conditions of Lake Huron.

 In the summer of 2007, we experimented with the addition of a butterfly garden on the newest acquisition of property, planting numerous Buddleias, Asclepias, Echinaceas, etc.  This summer, our volunteers were delighted with the large number of butterflies using their new butterfly garden. As we weeded, they flew around our heads with no fear. 

This large garden is maintained weekly by volunteers from our society.  We also have two major cleanups a year, in spring and fall with many more volunteers.  The garden enhances the area around the landmark flagpole and makes the area a more attractive site for national, provincial, and local commemorative ceremonies.  The flagpole garden has become a highlight and a must see area for tourists and Communities in Bloom judges. Needless to say, town residents enjoy walking through the gardens as well. 

Janet Moyser, Past President, Kincardine & District Horticultural Society

Published in Trillium, Ontario Horticultural Association Newsletter, Winter 2008/2009

Circulated to 286 Ontario Horticultural Societies 

11/05/2009 11:06 PM

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