Four Acres Becomes an Environmental Paradise

Click to see a short video of the Garden

Robert Fach and Josie Hill

From a swamp to an oasis, Robert Fach and Josie Hill have transformed a four-acre parcel of land into an environmental paradise.

Fach, an excavator, knew that he wanted to retain as much of the natural environment as possible, going so far as to transplant large, mature birch trees and maintaining a small wetland area where wildlife and vegetation thrive.

Located in Southampton on Deer Run Court, the property is an illustration of what can be achieved in working with nature rather than against it.  Three deer 'islands' have been created with specific plant life focusing on the taste preferences of the deer who visit.

Waterfall creates aesthetics and practicality

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The pond has also been established using natural methods such as a clay bottom, windmill and waterfall aeration and a constant supply of water through rain alone.

Natural stone used as art

Surrounded by lush green space forest, the property has an island-like feel of privacy.  Although Hill likes flower beds and Fach likes the wildness of nature, they have compromised to create a spacious area that answers each of their preferences, including a four-hole golf course.

Click to see a short video of the Garden