Horticultural society tour features eight gardens and pavilion
By Liz Dadson

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 Hillside garden at the home of Ann and Larry Ropp

 Shirley Cole (L), Hilda Ekblad, May Kirkpatrick and Barb Gamble of the Kincardine Horticultural Society, serve refreshments at the pavilion during the garden tour

It was sunny, breezy and cool Sunday afternoon - perfect weather for a stroll through eight local gardens and the recently-refurbished pavilion, as part of the Kincardine and District Horticultural Society's annual Through the Garden Gate tour.

Waterloo Street, in Huron-Kinloss, featured two gardens - at the home of Dotty and Gregg McCellland and at the home of Lore and John White.

The McClellands have owned the property as a summer vacation spot since 1968. In fact, their first cottage was a cabin moved from the Bluewater Trailer Park. It is now their grandchildren's club house. The main house began as a cottage and then they added on to turn it into a permanent residence, with a barn out back.

"This is our first time on the garden tour," said Gregg, proudly taking people through the large backyard where stand his beloved red maple trees. While Dotty looks after the many beautiful flower beds, Gregg shows off 'his' garden, complete with tomatoes, dahlias and the beans that didn't grow.

The McClellands aren't 'true gardeners' in the sense that they do not set out a planting plan for putting companion plants together. "We just love puttering about outside, sticking in green things and enjoying the surprises when they take hold, bloom, multiply and then come back again next year," says Dotty.

Next door, at the home of Lore and John White, the many perennials have been given to them by friends so it is called a Friendship Garden. The hummingbirds enjoy the flowers and the Whites enjoy watching them. The colours are beautiful from spring, when the multitude of daffodils bloom, until fall.

The home of Ann and Larry Ropp on Golf Links Road features a delightful hillside garden. The back portion of the yard, with its cedar hedge, top level of the rock garden and bird feeders, gives them great enjoyment when they have their morning coffee in the family room.

Other gardens on the tour included those of Nancy and Kevin Cruickshank on Craig Drive, Chris and John Moes on Inverness North, Kathie and Frank VanOpstal on Andrew Malcolm Drive, Linda and Joe Murphy on Mac Young Drive, and Helen and John Boardman on Penetangore Row.

Refreshments were available at the Kincardine Dance Hall Pavilion which was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles.

Proceeds from the event go toward beautification of Kincardine.

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16/07/2009 09:34 PM

Stella Stuart of Brampton checks out the gorgeous clematis at the gardens of Lore and John White

 The original cottage at the home of Dotty and Gregg McClelland

 Gregg McClelland shows a tour group 'his' garden, complete with tomatoes, dahlias and the beans that didn't grow

 Delightful pond at the home of Lore and John White

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