Girls learn about engineering, math, science at GEMS Camp
By Liz Dadson



 Erica Oliverira (L) and Jessica Vandenberg of Port Elgin, Miranda Broughton of Tiverton, Danielle McBride of Kincardine, and Allison Wilson of Tiverton hold up the chalky remains from the Acid Attack experiment

It was a week for girls to learn about engineering, math and science at the GEMS Camp, put on by Women in Nuclear (WiN) - Bruce at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre Aug. 10-14.

It was a full camp with 25 girls, led by counsellors Rafia Waraich and Sudduf Wyne, graduates of McMaster University.

Monday was the study of underwater creatures and space; Tuesday was weather systems and earthquakes; Wednesday, the girls learned about acids and "strange matters"; Thursday, it was biology, bubbling plants and learning about a balanced diet; and the final day of camp, the girls learned about mechanics, aqua-thrusters and "Girl Power."

The camp ended Friday afternoon with an open house for the parents to see what the girls had learned. There was also a fashion show by the "Science Fashionistas" where the girls were divided into groups and given a "scenario," such as white-water rafting, marathon runner or jungle explorer, and were to design an outfit associated with that scenario.

"This is a lot of fun," said Jessica Vandenberg of Port Elgin. "The Acid Attack experiment was awesome. We had to take chalk and put it in lemon juice, then in vinegar and then in water. Our lemon juice one bubbled up and overflowed - that was cool."

"It was so neat to watch," said Abby McLeod of Kingston, who is on vacation with her aunt and uncle in Tiverton. "Not the chalk in the water; it just sat there."

"Our chalk in the vinegar bubbled and exploded," said Erin Collison of Southampton.

"The dry ice experiments we did on the first day (Monday) were awesome," said Danielle McBride of Kincardine. "We blew up a balloon with it."

This is the second summer for the camp and organizers are pleased to see the excitement in the faces of all the participants.

Throughout the school year, the WiN group hosts the Girls In Real Life Science (GIRLS) Club, encouraging girls toward careers in math and science.


 Katie Brolese makes a barometer. Photo by Cheryl Cottrill

 Abby McLeod (L), Serena Butler and Natasha Adler experiment with dry ice. Photo by Cheryl Cottrill

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15/08/2009 12:08 AM

 Viven Adler (L) and Harriet Skinner, both of Kincardine, hold up the remnants of the chalk which dissolved in lemon juice during the Acid Attack experiment

Natasha Adler (L) of Kincardine, Abby McLeod of Kingston (vacationing in Tiverton), and Madisyn Johnston of Kincardine hold up the dissolved chalk in lemon juice and vinegar

 Allison Wilson (L) and Miranda Broughton of Tiverton build a sugar cube skyscraper to test for seismic strength. Photo by Cheryl Cottrill


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