Grade 9 students make up half of KDSS mountain bike team
By Mark Winkler



The KDSS mountain bike team includes, back, Michael Fengler (L), Braeden Holla, Aden Finlay, Shane Ford, Travis Beishuizen, Dale Campbell, Brett Walden, coach Mark Winkler; middle, Ethan Storey (L), Jake Pope, Drew Lynch, Brad Lowry, Sheldon Parker; front, Logan Tanner, Ryan Hoover, Devon Muschalle, Kenny Harris, and Rob Storey, co-coach and bike mechanic

The Kincardine District Secondary School mountain bike team is alive and well again this year with almost 20 members. Out of the five years we have had our team, this is the first time we have had Grade 9 students make up almost half the riders.

We have had good placings so far this year, with a first, a second and several top tens. Considering the fact that we race against much larger schools, KDSS is doing very well.

With the increasing obesity problem among our youth and, indeed within our general population, mountain biking (or biking of any kind) is an excellent method of combating this problem.

At the high school level, mountain biking can be an excellent strategy for parents to employ in encouraging their teens to exercise. The big "difference" between this particular sport and most others is that no one is turned away. Team membership is not limited by anything. Skill and fitness levels are non-issues. The whole point is to provide a relatively non-threatening atmosphere that encourages life-long physical activity.

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14/05/2009 10:41 PM

This year we are fortunate to have some help from the good people at Home Hardware. Ace bike mechanic Rob Storey, a.k.a. the Home Hardware Bike Guy, is available on certain race days to accompany our team. We also have an Aluminum Canopy to use as a base, as well as bike stands and tools, thanks to Kincardine Home Hardware.

The mountain bike season runs April to June, with six races, including Hepworth, Allan Park, the Brant Tract and West Rocks. The team was off to Hepworth yesterday (May 13) for a race, hosted by Owen Sound Vocational Collegiate Institute and West Hill Secondary School. The midgets did well; results will be posted later on.

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