Guides and Pathfinders at MacGregor Park




Standing in front of a yurt are the Kincardine Guides and Pathfinders: back, Stephanie Bonnett (L), Natalie Potter, Kaleigh Murphy-Burton, Rebecca Dadson, Alicia Noakes, Liz Dadson; front, Shoshana Jarvis, Harriet Skinner, Isabel Tuck and Aidan Kober.

Braving the elements at MacGregor Point Park

Despite the rainy, cold weather, six Kincardine Pathfinders, three Guides and their leaders braved the elements and camped at MacGregor Point Provincial Park from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

They were glad to be housed in the yurts which are enclosed buildings, complete with heat and hydro, at the Algonquin campsite.

The girls cooked over campstoves and an open campfire, making their own meals and cleaning up. They went for a hike, made a hat craft, played games, told ghost stories, and sang songs around a campfire.

The sun was shining Sunday afternoon and they were able to identify several different species of birds during a nature walk with parent volunteer Nancy Potter.

The Pathfinders' next outdoor event is a challenge camp near Sauble Beach. The two units end their year with a weekend in June at Camp Keewaydin.

Pathfinder Shoshana Jarvis chops firewood for the campfire

Nancy Potter (C) shows leader Alicia Noakes (L) and the Guides the species of bird they have identified during their nature walk


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07/04/2009 03:26 PM

Kincardine Guide Isabel Tuck minds the campfire

Pathfinders Natalie Potter (L) and Kaleigh Murphy-Burton cook pancakes for breakfast


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