Historic agreement signed today in Southampton


March 25, 2009


Metis Council:
(L) Pat McCarthur, Ashley Burgess (nee Baumbach) w/ daughter Ava, Lindy Indoe, Jason Indoe, Goldie Millhausen, Tammy; Front (L) Brian Armstrong & Archie Indoe

March 25, 2009, marked the signing of an historic agreement between the Historic Saugeen Metis and the nuclear power entity, Bruce Power.

"The Metis have been here in the Saugeen region since the early 1800s," said Metis President, Pat McArthur. "Many of our descendants are still here and, one of our ancestors was with the explorer Champlain."

The historical agreement signed by Bruce Power representative, Brian Armstrong and Archie Indoe. Vice-President and Chair of the Energy Consulting Committee, is the first such agreement signed by the Metis people and a nuclear company.

"We are particularly pleased to be able to conclude this agreement and to reaffirm the positive relationships we have had with the Metis people," said Armstrong. "our relationship has been built on trust and we value it greatly. We recognize that Metis citizens have certain rights granted to them under the Constitution and that they have right to be consulted and that the Crown recognizes those rights."

Julie Aboucher, Legal Counsel with Williams and Shier Environmental Lawyers, said that she saw a real commitment between Bruce Power and the Saugeen Metis. "The purpose of the agreement," she explained, "is to allow input in the on-going process and to be involved in the environmental assessment (EA) and the potential impact of the project (Deep Geological Repository [DGR])." She added that, "The Metis have special rights recognized in the Constitution and these rights are why we are here today."

Saugeen Shores Mayor, Mike Smith, told the special guests that he had been raised in Southampton and had gone to school with many of the Metis Council. "We grew up knowing about the Metis history in a general way," he said. "We now realize their history is an important part of our history and this is a great day for all of us."

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26/03/2009 10:38 AM

(L) Brian Armstrong signs on behalf of Bruce Power and Archie Indoe, Vice-President of the Historic Historic Saugeen Metis

President, Pat McArthur, welcomes guests to historic signing


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