Huron Heights launches Groovy Greens group

Students of Huron Heights Public School in Kincardine have been doing their part to help preserve the environment and now they are being recognized with their artwork on an environmental awareness bookmark, sponsored by the Municipality of Kincardine. The Kincardine Township Tiverton Environmental Green School Program has also donated $100 to Huron Heights for green initiatives, such as the annual Earth Day celebration.

In April, Huron Heights held a poster contest and six of the best have been featured on this year's bookmark, promoting the KTTPS program and its partners.

Among those students were Courtney Surridge and Michael Keeso who, along with staff advisor Jen McKellar, accepted the cheque from Carol Blake, co-ordinator of the KTTPS program.

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13/01/2009 04:23 PM


Going green at Huron Heights Public School, are Michael Keeso, deputy mayor Laura Haight, Courtney Surridge and teacher Jen McKellar

 They also welcomed Kincardine deputy mayor Laura Haight and appreciate the municipality's support of $1,200 to print the bookmarks each year.

Huron Heights has now created a logo for its "Groovy Greens" environmental club and joins KTTPS, St. Anthony's, Ripley-Huron Community School and Kincardine District Secondary School in doing their part for the environment.

The KTTPS Environmental Green School Program continues it work to promote bio-bags, with the help of Sobeys, Zehrs, Kincardine Foodland, Baxter's Row Fashion, MacG's, JBs, and Fine Fettle. Through the sale of biodegradable plates and cups, the KTTPS program receives a commission which it uses to help other schools with green initiatives, such as the Green Cone Digester. One of the biggest supporters of the school environmental program is Bruce Power.
For more information about the KTTPS program, contact Blake at 519-396-5170 or by E-mail at