Information and Modern Physics

PI Lecture Series April 16, 2008 Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre

Again a treat of unparalleled scope is coming to the Museum at 2 pm on Wednesday April 16th.  Come and see the giants of science in panel with Bob MacDonald of Quirks and Quarks as moderator and Featuring Nobel Prize Winner Sir Anthony Leggett.  Donations appreciated ... come early.

Do ideas about information and reality inspire fruitful new approaches to the hardest problems of modern physics? What can we learn about the paradoxes of quantum mechanics, the beginning of the universe and our understanding of black holes by thinking about the very essence of information? The answers to these questions are surprising and enlightening, but also controversial. The topic of information within physics has involved some of the 20th century's greatest scientists in long-running intellectual battles that continue to the present day. In this special debate, hosted by the CBC's Bob McDonald of 'Quirks and Quarks', you will enjoy a lively discussion between four prominent physicists who have thought long and hard about these questions.

It would be good if we could get as many as possible to see this panel discussion.  If anyone knows some high school students who can take some time, please inform them of the wonderful PI series at the Museum

Profiles of the Panel

Professor Leonard Susskind

Professor Susskind is widely recognized as one of the most highly creative researchers in the field of particle physics



Professor Seth Lloyd

Seth Lloyd is a Professor of mechanical engineering at MIT. He refers to himself as a "quantum mechanic".



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Dr. Christopher A. Fuchs

Christopher A. Fuchs is a Long Term Visitor with Perimeter Institute and is an adjunct Professor of Physics at the University of New Mexico.



Professor Tony Leggett

Sir Anthony J. Leggett, of the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor and Center for Advanced Study Professor of Physics. He has been a faculty member at Illinois since 1983.

About Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald hosts CBC's Quirks & Quarks. One of Canada's best known science journalists




Brought to you by the Museum Nancy White Program Director and Wayne MacDonald Volunteer Program Chairman for the Perimeter Institute Lecture Series.

Special thanks to John Matlock of PI for his outreach program.