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This section is reserved for consumer tips on the use of the Internet and new Technology, such as wireless and home entertainment centres.  We will ask experts their opinions and engage local suppliers to help us help you.




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Internet & Technology Worried about a virus or worm? What to do? 

Urgent Warning.... IGNORE any email message that asks for your user ID and password from BMTS.  This is a hoax --- repeat it's a hoax. Do NOT reply to it! For More

Internet  & Technology Computer Training for Seniors 

Internet  & Technology Information Technology in public buildings 

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Internet  & Technology Internet tips ... wireless and broadband ... watch that switch!

Internet  & Technology Want to publish something?

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Internet, Technology and Electronics Square Deal Neil's announces a Maytag recall.  ...IMPORTANT

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You're translating books

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Get off of the train to nowhere 'Outlook Express'

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Dinner with Steve Jobs

The growth of the home network is accelerating  

Avoid Phishing ...

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Home wireless Security.  Should you have it?

Frustrated Computer User? Some tips  

.. Shopping for a new Laptop?  Check out Netbooks  

Some online shopping protection hints

New Energy Savings now available

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Oct 8, 2008 ... Mike Andrews knows what it's like to work your way up through the ranks

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Richard Martin, right, chairman of the Bruce Telecom board, welcomes new president and CEO Michael Andrews

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July 21 2008 ... Hans Nilsson receives award  
July 13, 2008 ... .......What are real robots like today and how about radiation and things we cannot see?  
July 1, 2008 ... What do Computer Scientists Do? ... an interesting story  
June 29, 2008  Bill Gates retired from active duty at Microsoft this week.  Read about  the early days of the PC  
 June 28, 2008  Going Wireless in your home  
June 13, 2008 The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre hosted its 2nd Annual  'End of Year Showcase'  of film on Thursday night.  

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Wonder about the future of the Internet?  Read 'The Last Book' and the response's) it engendered



Recommended Internet Tips



Is there more to Google Searches? (more)



We've heard 'Google it', so what is skype me (more)o



Email Names



How Do I Send a Picture?



More Recommended Internet Tips



Consult PC World for good and up to date information



Another good source of information is CNET



How to Buy a Big Screen TV (more)


Ever wonder about using hidden Google tricks?  (more)  


 Recommended Internet Tips
  • There are two popular browsers available.  The first is of course Internet Explorer by Microsoft.  The second is Firefox by Mozella.  Your internet Guru recommends Firefox because it's easier to use and is far less susceptible to virus penetration.  IE is improving, but today we recommend you download Firefox

  • Virus Control.  If you've had the course with virus packages raise your hand.  They are costly, intrusive and bog down your system and do they help?  Who knows?  When I've gone to fix anybody's machine, I've had to fend for myself and go back home and use my own machine to research their problem.  The reason is that the big guys are not putting enough research into their product.  So what to do?  Well you'll be surprised by this!  Your Guru recommends you go to Microsoft and download  Windows Live One Care.  Yes, that's right.  Don't believe the hype.  Microsoft has come up with an easy to install and easy to use virus control and backup program that does not bug you all the time.  I love the backup feature too because it backs up only those files that have changed.  Here is what it does:

    • Antivirus and antispyware

    • Online ID protection

    • Firewall

    • Multi-PC management

    • Printer Sharing

    • Backup and Restore



Email Names

One of the most important Internet related things you can do is to select a good email name.  Here are a few hits for and against certain conventions.  Now you can try to send an email to these people, but have no idea who they are or if they exist <smile>

  • Cute names are not easy to remember and reflect on a person's professionalism. does not resonate the right vibes or maybe it does.  How would that look on a business card?  Not good.

  • DON'T use 0 zero in any email address.  People will mess it up even if it appears in a group like  They will say Zed oh tee one oh three at yahoo dot com and now you're lost.

  • If you can possibly avoid it, don't use the number 1 either because it can be mistaken for an l (ell).  I spent hours trying to figure out a problem for a friend whose email name was (not the real name).  Her middle name was Lois, but the password was entered as b followed by a 1 one. so I could not get into her internet provider and get her email started until I had an inspiration. 

  • Don't use periods either.   It's bad enough to have to use the dot before net or com or ca or org or whatever.  People get used to knowing there is a period there, but not in the body of your email name. It looks good when you first write it like, but on business cards and other documents with small fonts the dot disappears and you get friends mad when they cannot contact you.

  • On your business card put the email address in large font like 11 or 12 point and forget the squint font.

  • If you have a partner, most internet providers give you more than one email address.  So avoid   People will remember See how many ways you can screw that one up? You're friends know you are close, but an email name is personal.  Also, not everyone knows your wife's first name and so they will forget your email address. 

  • Avoid caps like the above. Some people don't know  if they are crucial or not.  Also, they require others to use the shift key when entering them for the first time.  That's just another chance for error.

  • Now how about the ever popular  When you have one of those, you find that your real name can get separated from your email in somebody's address book.  They enter it without your real name.  Now six months later, they can't find Bill Green because they've forgotten your mystery email address.

Look for these in email addresses you get.  You'll see them all and sometimes all the bad stuff in a single email name.


How Do I send a Picture?

One of our new readers asked us in the Letters section, how she would send a picture in very simple terms.  I'll respond with the 3 most popular email programs  These are all PC based hints:

An Easy Way on Windows:

  1. Find the picture you want to send in the File Browser... i.e. click My Computer or My Documents, then search around to select the picture.

  2. When you find it, place your mouse over it and then RIGHT click your mouse.  That is the button on the right.

  3. When you right click, you'll be presented with a list of things you can do, one of them will be 'Send To'

  4. 'Glide' your mouse over to the right and a whole bunch of options will be presented to you, one of which will be 'Mail Recipient'

  5. Click on 'Mail Recipient' and your standard Mail Program will come up with everything filled in for you except the person you want to send to.  This includes an already attached file.  The mail program on your computer can be changed from one to another.

  6. Just send it to your friend(s)

Outlook Express:

  1. Create your message normally.

  2. Go to the top pull downs that start from the left to right as File, Edit, View, Insert, ...

  3. Pull down Insert

  4. You'll see an item called 'File Attachment'.  Click it.

  5. You'll be presented with a File Browser.  You'll have to know where you stored your picture... maybe in My Pictures in My Documents or some other obscure location .  Browse around and find it and click it to select it.  You have to highlight it

  6. You'll see a button on the lower right  of the pop-up menu that is in front of you now called. 'Attach'.  Please click that.

  7. You'll see that your picture will show up as a file name below the subject line.

  8. Form your message and send it or go back to #2 and repeat the process for more pictures or files.


  1. Click the new message icon that looks like a little stamped envelope.

  2. The third icon or so across the top will say 'Attach Files'.  Click it.

  3. You'll be again presented with a File Browser, so go hunt around your PC for the pictures or files you want to send.

  4. Click Open... yes, I know, it does not seem right because all that happens is that the file name is filled into the box that you can see.

  5. Now look above and it will ask you to Attach More files or simply Attach.

  6. If you Attach More files, it's just a repeat of #5 again.

  7. Finally, you've found all the files you want to send.  You now have to hit Attach again to really attach them.  Yes, illogical, but that's the way it works.

  8. You'll see your message displayed and just go about the normal mailing process and click to sendThere will be a list of files that you've attached that you can see.


  1. In the upper left, once you reach, you'll see 'Compose'... click it.

  2. You'll then see the word 'Attach a File'  This is neat because you are again presented with a Browser and you have to again find your file as in Outlook Express and Hotmail so hit Attach.

  3. You'll again have to put up with the word 'Open', so hit it when you select your file by highlighting it as before.

  4. Gmail is a little more logical, because when you do that, it has a message right nearby that says 'Attach Another File'.  Keep doing that until you're done with all the pictures/files you want to send and then just send your message.


More Recommended Internet Tips

  • Did you ever get mad trying to delete consecutive files from your Outlook Express file list or any Windows file list?  Say you have a list of 10 emails in a row that you'd like to delete from your Inbox list.  Here's how to save time.  Highlight the first file with your mouse while holding down the shift key.  Select the 10th file with your mouse and all the 8 in between will be highlighted along with the two end files.  That is, all the files will be selected.  This works for selections for cut and copy too.

  • Like to go Wireless in your home?  Your Guru recommends using all Linksys equipment.  That is, if you have two PCs then put a hub on one of them and maybe a card in the other from Linksys.  If you have a laptop equipped with wireless, just let it find your Wireless Network.  Why Linksys?  Well, they are a division of CISCO the world's leader in internet connections and they are not going to go away.

  • No matter what hub you buy, put it as high as you can in your house.  The higher the better because you are using signals like a radio transmitter and they don't put the antenna in the basement.

  • Keep in mind that the hub can operate on its own with no computer connected to it and the hub connected to a DSL line.  Be careful and read the manual.  Usually you have 4 lines available and sometimes its important which spot you hook things up to in order to allow the hub to operate on its own.

  • If you have "dead spots" in your house Linksys sells easy to install repeaters.  Just plug them in and hang them high and they will repeat your signal without you doing anything... no programming, no manuals.... just plug it in and press a button and it will rebroadcast your signal to your hub.  Again, you can get this from Linksys.  You can buy this equipment online or go to Staples for example.

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