Canada Wins and Nobody Loses!


The recent announcement from the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo that the Saugeen Times has followed so closely was a major coup for Canada. 

The new director is a renowned scholar who has collaborated with the best and the brightest in the small world of science.  His name is Neil Turok and he comes direct from Cambridge University and Stephen Hawking.


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Why is this so important?  We only think in terms of superstars when they are athletes or entertainment stars and don't pay attention to those who look at the stars.  He can help change the way we look at our universe and has.

Dr. Turok will be a vital part of the continuing miracle put together by Mike Lazaridis founder of the famous Blackberry product.

Canada can be really proud of luring away from Cambridge such a mind to work with other minds about the deepest problems of the universe. For the official press release, please click here